• RE: ADV7511 image Blur Issue


     Please note that video digital path you are describing is a full digital path therefore there should not be any blurring related to the analog domain.  One possibility is blurring occurs when you convert RGB  to YCbCr  to the monitor.  This conversion…

  • settings of  adv7612+adv7511,and output of adv7511 not stable


       I am using an ADV7612 to receive HDMI/DVI signals an ADV7511 to transfer DVI signals. After I configure two devices,ADV7612 works well,but adv7511 works  not well ! Sometimes the video is not being displayed on monitor. the video is not being disp…

  • Demonstration of Linux Drivers for ADV7511 on ADV7612 / ADV7511 Eval Board


         I have a ADV7612 / ADV7511 Eval board and I want to demonstrate the ADV7511 Linux drivers on it. Can you please provide me with the  relevant details?



  • RE: ADV7511: Generating 720p @ 60 Hz Image


      In 6-1e section '72' register writes corresponds to ADV7511, So please use the 72 registers related configuration.



  • Is the ADV7511 pin for pin compatible to the ADV7510?  Is the ADV7511 a drop-in replacement?

    I am migrating my design to the ADV7511 since the ADV7510 is EOL.

  • RE: ZC706+ADRV9002+IIO oscilloscope: cannot find zynq-zc706-adv7511-adrv9002

    Indeed, files for zynq-zc706-adv7511-adrv9002 are not on sdcard. They will be added in next release.
    Until then you can use 2019_r2 pre-released files from here:
    or you can build them by yourself from master branch, following these links:


  • RE: ADV7511 can not output right HDMI signal

    finally the project work well after replacing the resistor on PIN28 R_EXT, somebody made mistaske using a 88ohm resistor at here....

  • RE: ADV7511  13- HDMI license?


     You must be an HDMI adopter to buy any part which is HDMI capable.

     Please review http://www.digital-cp.com/ for any licensing concerns.


    Receivers with HDCP keys require HDCP licenses to purchase.  We can sell HDCP transmitters without licenses…

  • ADV7511




  • ADV7511


    We are planning to use ADV7511 to convert RGB input to HDMI Output .

    Input RGB Spec :

    -RGB 6bit

    -Input Video Clock Max 125Mhz

    -Resolution Max 1024 x 1024

    -Frame Sync 2048 Line Max

    -Lines 2048 dots Max

    My question what is the max resolution…