• RE: Fpga configuration driver adv7511


    Sorry for the delayed reply, I missed your question.
    As I sated in my previous post, questions regarding the adv7511 device, should be posted on the video forum, linked above. This forum is for the FPGA reference designs.
    If you have questions regarding…

  • RE: About replacement from SiI9022 to ADV7511


    Please check this development board with ADV7511.

    You can find an DT example and the ADV7511_fbdev driver for the same board here.

    It is based on 6ULL but I think it is the same problem as NXP I.MX7D as not having a DRM driver.

  • RE: Adv7511 spdif


      Please let us know your expecting the audio output in SPDIF mode ? If So, by seeing the register 0x0A has not configured according to the SPDIF audio select.

     Also you have not enable the SPDIF in register 0x0B.

     Please crosscheck your configuration…

  • ADV7511


    We are planning to use ADV7511 to convert RGB input to HDMI Output .

    Input RGB Spec :

    -RGB 6bit

    -Input Video Clock Max 125Mhz

    -Resolution Max 1024 x 1024

    -Frame Sync 2048 Line Max

    -Lines 2048 dots Max

    My question what is the max resolution…

  • adv7511

    hi, i want to display my colorbar via 7511. now i manage in rgb mode.  but failed in yuv444 mode. there is my register .41-10.98-03.9a-eo.9c-30.9d-01.a2-a4.a3-a4.e0-do.f9-00.15-00.16-31.55-40.af-06.18-06.40-00.d6-c0.56-28.48-00.18-06.17-02.4c-04.  i want…

  • ADV7511

    About ADV7511 Programming Guide (Rev. G) Page 110
    Is it a function implemented in "Linux Video driver for ADV7511"?
    Or does DRM require implementation?

  • adv7511 .


    I am working on adv7511 transmitter to integrate HDMI.I found linux driver for audio and vidio in analog devices website.

    My question is to enable audio should include audio.c and if I include should I mention audio.c in kconfig ? If yes How can I…

  • ADV7511 -

    Hi ,

    I am planning to use the ADV7511 or ADV7513 transmitter for DVI application. As per the feedback given my customer there is no sales support without adopter license.

    Do we need the license to use this IC. 

    I check the ADI Engineer zone and all the license…

  • ad7768evb address map doesnt match zynq-zed-adv7511-ad7768.dts

    When you build the hdl_2019_r2 ad7768evb project the DMA engine is at address 0x7c40_000 with a range of 0x1000.  The dts file zynq-zed-adv7511-ad7768.dts shows a range of 0x1_0000

    Does this difference matter?



    I get the reference design from the website——https://wiki.analog.com/resources/fpga/xilinx/kc705/adv7511. When I read the project, I have a question. In the cf_hdmi.c, there is some code to set the VDMA 's base address.

    From the picture…