• ADV7482 Antialiasing Filters setting


    I have a question about ADV7482 antialiasing filters setting.

    1) If "aa_filt_man_ovr" and "aa_filt_en" are default, are the registers selected by "insel" enable?
    2) Should we set "aa_filt_man_ovr" to 1(Enable override…

  • [ADV7482] Analog Component input Question.


    I have a question about analog component (YPbPr) input for ADV7482.
    I summarized the questions to an attached file "ADV7482_Component_Input_Question.xlsx".
    Please refer it.

    Thank you!
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  • ADV7482 I2S output


    My customer would like to use I2S output data from HDMI source when operating MIPI Tx A port sourced from CVBS input.

    is it possible?

    if yes, could you provide sample register script file to me?

  • [ADV7482] Time (Latency) from input to output of Video.


    I have some questions about time (Latency) from input to output of Video for ADV7482.

    My customer uses ADV7482 for their project.
    He will use ADV7482 for CVBS input, Component (YPbPr) input, S-Video (Y/C) input and HDMI input.
    He wants…

  • (ADV7482)Does ADV7482 has flash memory or DRAM?


    Does ADV7482 has flash memory or DRAM?

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  • Freeze gain of ADV7482


    I would like to know the setting (Freeze gain) of LAGC [2:0] = b'111.
    After automatically adjusting the gain with AGC [2: 0] = b'010 etc., is it possible to fix the gain value in that state by setting LAGC [2:0] = b'111 (Freeze gain)?

  • RE: ADV7482 never update Ri' when HDCP Re-Authentication is occurred.

    Hi Poornima san,

    Thank you for your reply.

    >Please ensure the software whether customer is following the HDCP timing specification and HDCP flow as per HDCP protocol specification then this should not be happen.
    =>Yes. The customer keeps the HDCP timing…

  • ADV7482 HDMI _ DVI detection

    We found that HDMI input to ADV7482, then ADV7482 detection is DVI mode. 

    What is situation will case detection is incorrect? 

    need to check registers setting or circuit of ADV7482? 


  • About "range" register of ADV7482


    I have a question about "range" register of ADV7482 and please see the attached file for details.

    * Q1
    I'd like to know how to handle data over Y236/CbCr240 or below Y16/CbCr16) when the "range" register is set to "0".…

  • (ADV7182A and ADV7482) Unused analog input


    I have a question about ADV7182A and ADV7482A.

    At these thread, ADI answered to connect unused AIN to GND.