• (ADV7182A and ADV7482) Unused analog input


    I have a question about ADV7182A and ADV7482A.

    At these thread, ADI answered to connect unused AIN to GND.




  • (ADV7482)EDID


    I have a question about ADV7482 EDID.

    ADV7482 hardware manual "ADV748x_HardwareManual_RevPrB_2014-07-11_1.pdf" " EDID Controller" has the following description.
    The E-EDID/repeater controller is reset…

  • ADV7482 update speed for the peak white algorithm by LAGT


    I would like to know the update speed for the peak white algorithm by LAGT when I set lagc[2:0]=010 (default) and lagt[1:0]=11(default).
    *In the Hardware Manual, it is described "Adaptive" but please let me know the reference value.


  • (ADV7482) How to detect HDMI is locked

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV7482.

    To detect HDMI input is lock or not, which register should we check?

    Should we check all of them?








  • (ADV7482)About csfm and ysfm


    I have a question about csfm & ysfm.

    SDP Main Map, Address 0x17 [7: 5] (csfm)

    The recommended setting for ADI is csfm = b'010 (SH1), and customer were also using this setting.

    Currently, in the customer's unit, if they enter 100% blue, something…

  • (ADV7482)RX_5V and HPD


    I have two questions about ADV7482

    1) What is the RX_5V VinHigh_min voltage when our customer use HDMI?

    2)Does the output of the HPD pin output RX_5V input via MOS (or Tr)?

    Our customer need this answer ASAP so if you can help us, it would help us…

  • ADV7482 - Non-HDCP version


    Is there a part number for the ADV7482 that does not require me to have HDCP adopter status (without HDCP keys so I can purchase the part without HDCP license)?

    something like the ADV7611BSWZ-P.

  • (ADV7482)Flicker when blue image is input to CVBS


    When my customer enter 100% blue from CVBS, the whole or part of the screen seems to flicker.

    If it is all blue, it will be noticeable, if it is green, it will be visible or invisible depending on the person, and if it is red, flicker will not be visible…

  • (ADV7482) What kind of VIDEO format can ADV7482 TTL receive?


    The Data sheets and hardware manuals do not contain much information on 8-bit TTL ports.

    Could you tell me what format to enter?

    * Currently, it is assumed that an image input from the outside via LVDS (TI's FPD-Link III) is to be input to the Digital…

  • (ADV7482)About tmdsfreq & hdmi_interlaced

    Hi !

    I have few questions about ADV7482.

    Customers are testing the same video source for insertion and removal

    If "tmdsfreq [8: 0], hdmi_interlaced" is read immediately after the VLOCK interrupt occurs, it may be read with "tmdsfreq [8: 0]: 74171875…