• ADV7482 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7482.

    You can download zipped file collections.

    We  recommend that if you download and use these documents, you subscribe  to email notifications for either the entire…

  • ADV7482 analog video detect


    Is there a register that detects which AIN the video signal is input to?

  • Latency (preferably glass-to-glass) ADV7482


    I was reading the thread  [ADV7482] Time (Latency) from input to output of Video.. However, it is not clear to me how much glass-to-glass latency  I can expect. I would like to implement the following system:

    1. A SoC receives on its CSI interface and…
  • [ADV7482/ADV7511] About HDMI certification


    I am considering a system equipped with ADV7482 and ADV7511.

    The ADV7482 only supports the resolution of input video from HDMI devices at 1280x720p@30fps.

    Also, the audio sampling frequency supports only 48kHz.

    The ADV7511 inputs RGB666 and outputs…

  • [ADV7482] About audio information of HDMI input


    I understand that I probably can't do the following two things, but let me check it just in case.

    1) Is it possible to set the ADV7482's connection destination HDMI device to accept only 48kHz sampling frequency audio?

     Is it possible to set…

  • [ADV7482/ADV7511] About connection detection of HDMI devices


    Regarding ADV7482 and ADV7511, I understand that the HDMI connection detection

    on the source side and sink side is reflected in the following registers and can be read by I2C.

    ADV7482: IO Map address 0x72 [6] CABLE_DET_A_ST

    ADV7511: Address 0x42 …

  • [ADV7482] About audio mute when changing Audio sampling frequency


    I have some questions about MUTE.

    Q1) Does the ADV7482 automatically mute the 2-channel L-PCM audio stream

           if the Audio sampling frequency of the HDMI input device changes?

           My understanding is as follows. Is this correct?

           When the Audio sampling…

  • ADV7482 Antialiasing Filters setting


    I have a question about ADV7482 antialiasing filters setting.

    1) If "aa_filt_man_ovr" and "aa_filt_en" are default, are the registers selected by "insel" enable?
    2) Should we set "aa_filt_man_ovr" to 1(Enable override…

  • [ADV7482] Analog Component input Question.


    I have a question about analog component (YPbPr) input for ADV7482.
    I summarized the questions to an attached file "ADV7482_Component_Input_Question.xlsx".
    Please refer it.

    Thank you!
    Best regards.