• DS90UB914A-Q1 to ADV7481


    We design camera application with DS90UB914A-Q1  and  ADV7481 . 

    DS90UB914A-Q1  is de-serializer which output 10/12 bit parallel data, only choose P2 ~ P9 to connect to ADV7481 P0~P7 

    ADV7481 receive parallel data from UB914 and MIPI-CSI output 

    Can ADV7481…

  • ADV7481 - TMDS Calibration Questions

    My customer had just submitted a revision of their hardware to the HDMI compliance lab and are failing one of the Jitter introduction tests.  They’re hoping you can answer/clarify a couple things as they try to debug this failure. 

    They had previously…

  • ADV7481 : HDMI input and MIPI output : Black screen on monitor


    Input source: HDMI input 1280x720P to ADV7481

    Output port: ADV7481  MIPI-CSI2_TxA output to SoC for encoder and then display on monitor

    The  monitor show out bloack screen, below is I2C register list, please help to check 

    The other issue is that ADV7481…

  • Does ADV7481 support YUYV or UYVY in free run mode?


    Does ADV7481 support YUYV or UYVY format in free mode ?

    Free-run MIPI TxA CSI 4-Lane - YUV422 8-Bit, 1280x720p 60Hz:

  • Video is shaking for adv7481 a member of family ADV-7281 decoder, which does not support I2P.

    We have used adv7481 a member of family ADV-7281 decoder with which currently camera feed is not stable.

    Please help to check register settings to improve this solution.

  • RE: (ADV7481/ADV7482)Do you have IBIS model for ADV7481/2 ?

    This question has been closed by the EZ team and is assumed answered.
  • broken data when adv7481 take DV 1080P as input


    when adv7481 bringup in our board, then we used SONY DV HDR-CX405 as input.

    if the DV is set 720P, then the data after adv7481 is okay. but if the DV is set to 1080P, then the data after adv7481 is broken as attached, and it could keep long time with…

  • ADV7481 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7481.

    You can download zipped file collections.

    We  recommend that if you download and use these documents, you subscribe  to email notifications for either the entire…

  • ADV7481 output image is stretched


    The adv7481 is used to convert HDMI IN data to CSI data. there is a issue about the HDMI in with size 720x576 from DV device, the output image after ADV7481 is stretched, for example, the cricle in the scene is outputed to be a oval. 

    I cannot find…

  • Power: default current drawn by ADV7481

    We have a development board with ADV7481. We see that once the board is powered up, even without ADV7481 driver loaded (Means no software programming done at all), it is drawing high current. Can someone please help understand the reason for this?