• RE: How to get Black output (free run) from ADV7481 when HDMI input signal is off


     I assume,there is typo in ADV7481 hardware manual, 4x factor has not provided in ADV7481 register control manual.



  • RE: (ADV7480)What will happen if TTL clk input is unstable.

    Hi Kawa,

    During the switch carried out in the ADV7181D, if the LLC exceeds the input specification of the ADV7481, the clock path in the ADV7481 could become unstable. It is not designed to handle clock frequencies outside the specified range.

    I suggest…

  • RE: adv7481 support YUYV color format ?


    Do you have one of our evaluation board for ADV7481?

    Please visit ADV7481 Design Support Files for files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7481

    Best Regards,


  • RE: adv 7481

    we are sure that we use adv7481, any difference of adv7481 and adv7181 ?

  • RE: ADV7481 as test pattern generator

    Can you provide some more details on what you plan to provide to the ADV7481 and get from the ADV7481?


  • broken data when adv7481 take DV 1080P as input


    when adv7481 bringup in our board, then we used SONY DV HDR-CX405 as input.

    if the DV is set 720P, then the data after adv7481 is okay. but if the DV is set to 1080P, then the data after adv7481 is broken as attached, and it could keep long time with…

  • Can ADV7481 detect whether there is connected with CVBS input?

    Hi ADI Expert,

    Can ADV7481 detect whether there is connected with CVBS input?

    And can ADV7481 support CVBS hot plug function? 

    Thank you!!


  • RE: Keep EDID data ADV748X only with 5V via HDMI connector

    Hi Jeyasudha.M,

    Here's test scenario :

    1. Power ON ADV7481 and master will write EDID data to ADV7481's EDID RAM

    2. Connect HDMI Tx with HDMI Rx through HDMI cable, and Tx side will read ADV748X EDID data

    3. Power OFF ADV7481 but there's still…

  • RE: can i bypass CSC block in ADV7481 ?

    I found some register setting for CSC bypass.

    but, one more thing to know about your ADV7481.

    is the output range of adv7481 01 to FE not 00 to FF ?

    that's all i want to know.