• ADV7481 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7481.

    You can download zipped file collections.

    We  recommend that if you download and use these documents, you subscribe  to email notifications for either the entire…

  • YpPbPr on Analog Inputs of ADV7481


    I need help with YPbPr Analog inputs on ADV7481. For my project I reused reference design  adv748xebz-sch_b2.pdf to connect YPbPr signals from RGB to YPbPr converter:

    Regarding to the reference design Y goes to AN1, Pr to AN2 and Pb to AN3


  • Incorrect TMDS clock frequency on ADV7481

    When receiving HDMI on the ADV7481, I am seeing results in the TMDS clock registers (HDMI 0x51 and 0x52) that do not match the values that I would expect.

    For example, when capturing 1280x720 at 60Hz, I would expect the pixel clock to be 74.25MHz.  However…

  • Analog Input on ADV7481


    We are using ADV7481 connected through MIPI-CSI2 to an NXP i.MX8 MPlus processor..

    The ADV chip is confugured to use 2 video pipelines:

    1) HDMI input with MIPI-CSI TXA output

    2) VGA converted to YPbPr input with MIPI-CSI TXB output.

    We managed to properly…

  • Questions about NTSC to MIPI TxA 4-lane using ADV7481

    Hello, I'm currently doing NTSC(Analog CVBS AIN0 single ended) to MIPI TxA 4-lane using ADV7481 and I have questions.

    I'm using 1920x1080p 30fps NTSC camera and My ADV7481 driver(kernel version v4.14) doesn't detect anything.

    It just say…

  • DS90UB914A-Q1 to ADV7481


    We design camera application with DS90UB914A-Q1  and  ADV7481 . 

    DS90UB914A-Q1  is de-serializer which output 10/12 bit parallel data, only choose P2 ~ P9 to connect to ADV7481 P0~P7 

    ADV7481 receive parallel data from UB914 and MIPI-CSI output 

    Can ADV7481…

  • ADV7481 - TMDS Calibration Questions

    My customer had just submitted a revision of their hardware to the HDMI compliance lab and are failing one of the Jitter introduction tests.  They’re hoping you can answer/clarify a couple things as they try to debug this failure. 

    They had previously…

  • ADV7481 : HDMI input and MIPI output : Black screen on monitor


    Input source: HDMI input 1280x720P to ADV7481

    Output port: ADV7481  MIPI-CSI2_TxA output to SoC for encoder and then display on monitor

    The  monitor show out bloack screen, below is I2C register list, please help to check 

    The other issue is that ADV7481…

  • Does ADV7481 support YUYV or UYVY in free run mode?


    Does ADV7481 support YUYV or UYVY format in free mode ?

    Free-run MIPI TxA CSI 4-Lane - YUV422 8-Bit, 1280x720p 60Hz: