• (ADV7480)HDCP for ADV7480

    Hi !

    I want to confirm that my understanding is correct or not.

    I already know that ADV7480 include HDCP key in the memory.

    So this means our customer don't need to do some thing about HDCP writing.

    Is my understanding correct?

    Best regards

  • (ADV7480)Does ADV7480 supports HEC?

    Hi !

    I have some questions.


    Does ADV7480 support HEC?

    I think ADV7480 don't support HEC.


    If ADV7480 don't support HEC, can any other device which ADI have support HEC?

    Best regards.


  • (ADV7480)Does ADV7480 supports 1080p@30fps?

    Hi !

    I read the datasheet and I understood that ADV7480 suport 1080i@60fps.

    And I read the ADV7480 also support 1080p.

    Does this mean ADV7480 can support 1080p@30fps?

    I couldn't found at the datasheet which resolution are supported by ADV7480.…

  • (ADV7480)Which HDMI version does ADV7480 supports?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV7480.

    At Hardware Manual P12, it says ADV7480 can support HDMI1.4b.

    Can ADV7480  completely support HDMI 1.4b?

      > For example , frequency.

    Best regards.

  • (ADV7480)When will ADV7480 moves to LP mode?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV7480.

    (ADV7480)MIPI Power Up Sequence 


    When we use power up sequence, when does ADV7480 moves to LP mode?

    And when does ADV7480 move to HS mode from LP mode?


    1. Configure the number of active lanes using the…

  • ADV7480 CEC

    Need you share as more details ,now we preparing to design in or not. 

    1. ADV7480 not completely sure about this driver and code with CEC function .

        This is important if easy to implement is good.

        Could you help to share this setting and flow chart…

  • (ADV7480)IBIS Model

    I have a question about ADV7480.
    Is there an IBIS model for ADV7480?
    I looked at Design Support File, but I could not find it.
    Please tell me if there is a place to register.
    Best regurds.
  • (ADV7480)MIPI specification

    Hi !

    I have few question about ADV7480.


    At datasheet P7, this is written.

    What are these specifications for?

    Are these ADV7480 output accuracy MIN-MAX?

    Or are these specifications which our customer should do something for the MIPI-Rx?


  • ADV7480 I2C behavior


    An ADV7481 user is considering to switch it to ADV7480 from new design.

    ADV7480 does not support Analog input and CSI TxB, but how does ADV7480 I2C react

    if Host controller attempt to access not supported feature associated address in SDP Map, CSI…

  • (ADV7480)Xtal specification

    Hi !

    I have some question about ADV7480 xtal specification.


    Are thee specifications requirements to the customer?

    Or are these just ADV7480 output specifications?


    If they are not requirements to users, do you have any requirements to the…