• ADV7441A queries


    We are considering using ADV7441A in our design. However we see that in its page it shows that it is not recommended for new designs.But it also shows that is in production.

    Can anyone please let me know if there is a suitable alternate available…

  • ADV7441A question


    Can the ADV7441A be configured to support square pixel operation NTSC (640x480

    resolution with 25.5454MHz clock)?

  • ADV7441A alternative?


    The ADV7441A is in "Production" status, in this forum the ADV7842 is "Recommended for New Designs".

    As far as the features are concerned, the ADV7441ABSTZ-5P fulfills all our requirements, none of the additional features of…

  • ADV7441A

    Does ADV7441A has HDMI input without HDCP function?

  • adv7441A

    We have been using the ADV7441A decoder on several products for the past few years. I would like to design it into some of our new video products this year but it is labeled NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW DESIGNS. Are there plans to discontinue this part or…

  • Dead ADV7441A


    We have developed a board with ADV7441A. Some of the boards produced by us, have the strange behavior.

    The board passed all factory test, but after the delivery the customer reports, that the HDMI input can not lock to the source.

    So they have…

  • ADV7441A output issue

    Hi There,

    We are trying to use ADV7441A as component video decoder, the output of ADV7441A is in the form of 16 bit YCbCr 4:2:2 format .

    The video setup is: Component video -> ADV7441A -> 16 bit 656 bus -> Video processing chip  (Compressing…

  • ADV7441A decord sequence

    I use ADV7441A not long. My input source include VGA、CVBS、HDMI connector. If all these three source have the active signal simultaneously, I know I can set PRIM_MODE[4:0] to primarily decord one of three sources. But I am not sure the sequence.

    For example…

  • ADV7441A noise problem


    I am troubleshooting an application with the ADV7441A.  In auto graphics mode (either analog or digital grapics), any mode with a pixel clock between 72-76 MHz is showing horizontal HF noise, almost like the pixel clock is unstable.  The modes tested…

  • ADV7441A - status registers


    we use the ADV7441A as analog frontend to view analog RGB signals on a lcd. If I don't connect a signal the ADV7441A produces a random VSYNC signal and no HSYNC signal on his outputs. Our software detect a signal lost and mode change through measurement…