• ADV7401 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7401.

    File Content
    ADV7401 Product Page Link to Product Information Web Page
    ADV7401 Datasheet Link to Product Shortform Datasheet
  • Detection of ADV7401 IC through I2C is not consistent


    We have designed the ADV7401 IC for capturing the composite input, The ADV7401 IC is interfaced to AM5728 through I2C for configuration.

    When board is power ON, the detection of ADV7401 IC is not consistent on I2C bus.

    For the 10 times power recycle…

  • ADV7401 Register Configuration


    I am using ADV7401 for decoding CVBS Input. I am facing an issue with NTSC and PAL Video outputs from the Chip. I was able to measure the Number of Pixels and Number of Lines of output coming out of the ADV7401 Chip. 

    In case of NTSC, I am getting…

  • eval-adv7401 register control gui

    Hi,  where can I download the eval-adv74012 register control gui? Please send me the link directly, and don't let me refer to other links. Thank you very much.

  • EVAL-ADV7401调试软件


  • In ADV7401, How to configure to capture Y/C video


    We have custom board designed as per evaluation board schematic and as per the requirement Y at ain6, Pr at ain5, Pb at ain4 are connected to process the composite, component and Y/C videos.

    With your help we have processed the component video in…

  • ADV7401 - howto improve RGsB input

    Hello, could cetainly use help identifying which registers/sections in the ADV7401 user manual, will help to improve the decoded RGsB proccessed signal.

    I am using a custom PCB with ADV7401 (decoder) --> Toshiba TC358748 (bridge converter) --> RPi CM3…

  • ADV7401 supporting 768x576i 50Hz/25Hz resolution


    We have a FMC card where we are using ADV7401 IC as a Receiver IC for PAL interlaced input.

    Currently we have tested and validated 720x576i resolution successfully.

    We wanted to know whether ADV7041 IC supports 768x576i resolution?

     I found on this…

  • ADV7401 Blocky Video


    We are using a ADV7401 on a new video board to perform VGA to 24-bit RGB conversion, however the video after the conversion looks jumbled up.  The board is converting a VGA input to a Composite output.  At this point I am not sure if the problem…