• ADV7401

    Hi all,


           We're using this ADV7401 chip to decode the composite PAL video to YCbCr format. We're having 3 CVBS input source which is given AIN8, AIN10 and AIN10 of the ADV7401 input. Based on the user selection, we're switching the input MUX via I2C…

  • ADV7401

    I am using an ADV7401 to decode RGBHV input to drive a TFT 24 bit RGB panel and had a question.  The input resolution for RGBHV is 720x240 and the output panel is 800x480.  Does this part have the ability to scale the input to output or is it simply a pass…

  • ADV7401 Register Configuration


    I am using ADV7401 for decoding CVBS Input. I am facing an issue with NTSC and PAL Video outputs from the Chip. I was able to measure the Number of Pixels and Number of Lines of output coming out of the ADV7401 Chip. 

    In case of NTSC, I am getting…

  • ADV7401 problem


    i am using ADV7401 video decoder it is working fine but after some 30 seconds i amm loosing data in one of my board in others boards it is working fine can anybody suggest what might have gone bad i check HS,VS,LLCout all are fine when video is disappeared…

  • ADV7401

    I am currently working with an Video standard conversion project.

    I have to convert STANAG signals to digital format.

    For the same I am using ADV7401 Video decoder.

    Is this is the right chip for converting the video signals?

    It supports various formats…

  • ADV7401

    How can I get the complete datasheet of ADV7401?

  • ADV7401-


    I am using the ADV7401 for analog RGB to 24bit YCrCb/RGB conversion.

    The analog RGB inputs are assigned to AIN4, AIN5 & AIN6 input channels.

    By default(During Power On) the ADV7401 generating the unexpected output waveforms without video input…

  • ADV7401

    I have designed ADV7401 in two separate products and overall it works very good.  ADV7401 is configured to generate 16bit YCrCb with embedded sync.  Its output goes to ADV7321 as well as Gennum HD-SDI transmitter.

    I have noticed a unique problem in both…

  • ADV7401

    Hi all,

         I'm using ADV7401 in my project to decode CVBS video which i' giving in channel 8 (AIN8). I'm using the same register configuration as what analog devices given. But i always get free run mode output. I'm giving the input to the decoder by a…

  • ADV7401 Blocky Video


    We are using a ADV7401 on a new video board to perform VGA to 24-bit RGB conversion, however the video after the conversion looks jumbled up.  The board is converting a VGA input to a Composite output.  At this point I am not sure if the problem…