• ADV7393 Can ADV7393 drive VGA signals?

    We are using ADV7393 on a video project of our company, we have used it
    for RS-170 NTSC Video output successfully. We want to add 800x600 VGA
    output capability to our product,


    No, the encoder does not support this or any other graphics format…

  • How to Implement Differential output from the CVBS Encoder ADV7393

    We have  ADV7393 CVBS Encoder for display out from our System.

    Currently, We are using Single Ended cvbs output from the DAC. Now our new requirement is to implement a Differential output from the CVBS Encoder.
    Please help us with this differential output…

  • ADV7393: Output tri-synce at 3G data rates?

    I am looking at using the ADV7393 to output tri-sync, can this do this
    at 3G data rates (clock = 148MHz) to lock a picture resolution of
    1920x1080p (60Hz)


    I got the following from our Product Line:

    No, I’m afraid the ADV7393 (or any of the…

  • Internal Test Pattern ADV7393 with ATV Benchtop


    I have EVAL-ADV7393EBZ and EVAL-ADV739XFEZ. I am using ATV Benchtop ADV Register Control 6.04.

    I want to generate internal color bar CVBS format from ADV7393. I applied to setting according to datesheet page 79/107 of ADV7393 using ATV Benctop interface…

  • ADV7393 Strange Behaviour - customer question

    The answers given below relates to a customer questions on reading wrong values from the registers as opposed to the default values on power up.

    Ans1.  Some of the registers are read/write only and read only - hence values might be different.

    DAC1 is always…

  • Which pins on the ADV7393 are used to input SD 8-bit 422?

    The pixel data should be connected from P15 to P8. P8 is the LSB.

  • ADV7393: dissappearing SPI Interface - Missing SPI Interface between datasheet Rev A and Datasheet Rev C

    I use the ADV7393 - in the datasheet Rev 0, and Datasheet Rev A there was a
    chapter for I²C/SPI Interface.

    In the actual datasheet revision D the SPI interface does not exist anymore.


    It was just a datasheet change, and we will not be supporting…