• ADV7393 Can ADV7393 drive VGA signals?

    We are using ADV7393 on a video project of our company, we have used it
    for RS-170 NTSC Video output successfully. We want to add 800x600 VGA
    output capability to our product,


    No, the encoder does not support this or any other graphics format…

  • ADV7393: Output tri-synce at 3G data rates?

    I am looking at using the ADV7393 to output tri-sync, can this do this
    at 3G data rates (clock = 148MHz) to lock a picture resolution of
    1920x1080p (60Hz)


    I got the following from our Product Line:

    No, I’m afraid the ADV7393 (or any of the…

  • Internal Test Pattern ADV7393 with ATV Benchtop


    I have EVAL-ADV7393EBZ and EVAL-ADV739XFEZ. I am using ATV Benchtop ADV Register Control 6.04.

    I want to generate internal color bar CVBS format from ADV7393. I applied to setting according to datesheet page 79/107 of ADV7393 using ATV Benctop interface…

  • ADV7393 Strange Behaviour - customer question

    The answers given below relates to a customer questions on reading wrong values from the registers as opposed to the default values on power up.

    Ans1.  Some of the registers are read/write only and read only - hence values might be different.

    DAC1 is always…

  • Which pins on the ADV7393 are used to input SD 8-bit 422?

    The pixel data should be connected from P15 to P8. P8 is the LSB.

  • ADV7393: dissappearing SPI Interface - Missing SPI Interface between datasheet Rev A and Datasheet Rev C

    I use the ADV7393 - in the datasheet Rev 0, and Datasheet Rev A there was a
    chapter for I²C/SPI Interface.

    In the actual datasheet revision D the SPI interface does not exist anymore.


    It was just a datasheet change, and we will not be supporting…

  • Regarding alternatives to ADV7393.

    Good day.

    Could you please tell me the successor or alternative to ADV7393?

    I checked your website and found that ADV7393 is deprecated for new design.

    I am looking for a successor or replacement to ADV7393.