• ADV7391 cable detection not working properly

    We are working on a project based on the imx6q processor. We had a requirement of Analog display in our project,So we used ADV7391 in our board. Everything went right until we tried to implement a hotplug feature for the Analog display. When we checked…

  • Video Encoder Replacement for ADV7391

    Hi Since ADV7391 is now NRND, what video dac can I use for Composite output? Goal is 768 × 576 sq pixel mode (close to 800 x 600). 1 output.

    Can I use a simple solution like AD9708 with video buffer amp like ADA4430 to achieve my 75 Ohm composite…

  • ADV7391 with 8-bit BT-656

    Hi All,

    We are interfacing ADV7391 to FPGA. We want to give BT-656 input format to ADV7391. Camera resolution is 640X480.. I want to know the Adv7391 Bt656 input format for NTSC/PAL interlace video. What are the register setting do I need to do? I am re…


    Well, now we want to output VGA video with ADV7391 chip, and we want to output VESA video with 1280x1024@60hz. I configured IIC according to 1080P 30HZ, the input data is YCBCR, the output is RGB, and the timing is output according to 1280x1024@60hz.

  • ADV7391 sample code


         We are using ADV7391 which is getting the input from the camera. We need to give the 8bit data, hsync, vsync as input to the chip. The ADV7391 which configured by the I2C. I got the I2C configuration script from the analog signal. If I want to …

  • ADV7391|| Layout guidelines for DAC signal

    Hello Folks,

    Hope everybody is doing well. I would like to know layout rules particularly DAC signal line of ADV7391 following below.

    1. Any control impedance required for this DAC line, If so then what should be the trace impedance.
    2. What should be the maximum…
  • ADV7391 video pattern generation


    I'm using ADV7391 to generate internal patterns. FPGA Spartan-6 in being interfaced with ADV7391.

    i2c, register programming done as per the datasheet to get Video pattern in PAL standard S-VIDEO. all Dacs enabled


    00  1C

    01   00


  • ADV7391 NTSC/Square Pixel_Color_Burst

    Dear ADI support,

    We use ADV7391 now.

    We would like to set Color Burst mode. But it doesn't  output Color Burst.

    Input Signal: NTSC / Square Pixel Mode

    Output: CVBS

    Current Setting:

    0x17 : 0x02
    0x00 : 0x1C
    0x01 : 0x00
    0x80 : 0x10
    0x82 : 0xD1  
    0x88 : 0…

  • ADV7391 Maximum power consumption

    We are planning to use ADV7391 in our project . So can you provide us  maximum power consumption with certain  use cases? Use cases are listed below:
    1. Resolution 640x480
    2. Analog Video standard :PAL/NTSC 
    3. One Dac is Enabled
    4. Frame rate of 30…
  • ADV7391 Fsc register cannot be modified


    I'm using ADV7391 to geneate PAL signal, but the Fsc registers can't be modified. 

    The register setting process is as below:

    0x17 : 0x02

    0x00 : 0x10

    0x01 : 0x00

    0x80 : 0x11

    0x82 : 0xc3

    0x8c : 0xcb

    0x8d : 0x8a

    0x8e : 0x09

    0x8f : 0x2a

    0x84 :…