• RE: ADV7391 Burst signal Level of PAL


    Thank you for your comment.

    We checked ADV7391 outout  again.ADV7391 output is no problem. We found the problem of the circuit  after ADV7391.

    We review the circuit after ADV7391.


  • RE: EVAL-ADV7391EBZ questions

    Hi Mike,

    * Based on the schematics/documentation, it looks like the board has the following connections

    J4-16 = D8 = J5-27 = P1-27 = P0 on the ADV7391

    J4-17 = D9 = J5-29 = P1-29 = P1 on the ADV7391

    J4-18 = D10 = J5-30 = P1-30 = P2 on the ADV7391

  • ADV7391


    We are searching a way to detect the loss of CLOCK INPUT CLKIN Signal through the I2C Port.

    - Is there a register related to this system failure ?

    By experimentation, we observed that 0xBA (SD brightness detect) et 0xBB (field count) register…

  • ADV7391

    Dear Sirs,


    We are currently designing with the ADV7391 device

    We have an external amp/filter so wanted to operate this device in low drive mode.

    However, I have seen in the data sheet that u recommend using the full drive mode over the low drive…

  • ADV7391

    We have a EVAL-ADV7391EBZ evaluation board to evaluate your video

    encoder. We need to generate a R G B triple analog output (no sync signal

    embedded) from your part with an input of a digital parallel input YUV 422


    We would like…

  • Adv7391


    I Am using Adv7391 to drive monochrome video on dac1 output in format of monochrome PAL. the output configuration is set to YPbPr.  Can I drive the 8 bit digital monochrome video to the Y field without any conversion (without scaling to 219/224 )…

  • ADV7391 out VGA(RGBHV)

    I am using  ADV7391 for NTSC signla output.
    I want to change Video out to VGA(RGBHV) signal from NTSC.

    Is there a difference between  Component RGB supported by ADV7391  and VGA(RGBHV) signal?

  • RE: TBC Functionality


    I checked-- AOUT is before processing so it's not going to work for you.  You'll need to take the output of ADV7802 and put it through an encoder like ADV7391 or ADV7391 unfortunately.


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  • ADV7391 Vertical Blanking Insertion (NTSC)


    I have a couple questions regarding the ADV7391 vertical blanking insertion support:

    1) Which ADV7391 supported VBI standard provides the highest overall bitrate of ancillary data for NTSC?

    2) What would be the best way to create a general…