• ADV7391


    I am using ADV7391 in monochrome NTSC 640X480 NTSC SD square pixel (YCrCb) mode. As I am in mode 0, display starts from line 22 and line 285 (data sheet p80).

    On line 22, do I put the first line of my non interleave picture or the second line of…

  • ADV7391



    I am using the ADV7391 in monochrome NTSC 640X480 NTSC SD square pixel (YCrCb) mode.

    I use the following pattern :

    White level at column 0, While level at the middle of the pattern and White level at the column 639 (the others comumn set to black…

  • ADV7391 missing lines


    I am using the ADV7391 in NTSC 640X480  square pixel (YCrCb) mode.

    I put signal on (line 22 to line 261) for the ODD field and from (line 285 to line 524) for the even field.

    But both lines 261 and 524 are empty (see pictures below). Instead of having…

  • ADV7391 last pixel of each line is black


    I am using the ADV7391 in monochrome NTSC 640X480 NTSC SD square pixel (YCrCb) mode.


    I program the part with I2C conf (Table 79) via a n FPGA:



















  • ADI Part || ADV7391 || Power Consumption

    We are using the ADV7391, 10-Bit Video Encoder, NTSC/PAL, LFCSP-32 in our ongoing project and it is working fine.
    Now we were optimizing the power of the board and below are the observations:
    1. When  RSET = 510 Ω, RL = 37.5 Ω (Full Drive Mode), the…
  • ADV7390, ADV7391: unused SFL pin

    Can you confirm that the Subcarrier Frequency Lock (SFL) pin on the ADV7391
    video encoder should be tied
    to ground if this function is not used?


    SFL pin can be input and output, hence do not tie it to GND when it is not
    used. Let this pin floating…

  • PAL encoders: ADV7341, ADV7391 Driver support for ARM


    We have used ADV7341 and  ADV7391 for PAL encoding with the ARM processor. But we are not getting driver support. Since we want to push the system for large scale production and PAL output is important, kindly provide the driver asap.



  • EVAL-ADV739XFEZ and EVAL-ADV7391 EBZ for ADV 7391 chip

    We have received Analog devices make Evaluation boards, EVAL-ADV739XFEZ and EVAL-ADV7391 EBZ for ADV 7391 chip.




    As per the user guide, to install the driver software from FTP (Analog.com), we have downloaded ‘Filezilla Client’. The attempt failed showing…

  • Register settings for ADV7391


    We are using ADV7391 which is getting the input from the camera. We need to give the 8bit data, hsync, vsync as input to the chip. The ADV7391 which configured by the I2C. I went through the design support of analog signal and found ADV7403_XC3S400_ADV7391…

  • Grayscale output using ADV7391


    I am using ADV7391 with my Intel FPGA for displaying video on monitor. I am able to generate color patterns from FPGA logic (SD Input, 8- Bit ITU-R BT.601/656 ,Input Mode 000).

    Now I want to display some grayscale images on to this display. I have…