• (ADV7390/ADV7391)Can I replace ADV7391 to ADV7390?

    Hi !

    One of my customers are thinking to use ADV7390.

    They are using ADV7390 with other project so they want to merge the device.

    They were designing the unit with ADV7391 first but they are thinking to replace to ADV7390.

    And I have few question…

  • RE: ADV7391 cable detection not working properly


       Cable detection is not possible when the DAC auto power-down feature is disabled., So could you please make sure with DAC Auto Power-down bit in Reg. 0x10 is set as "1" and let us know cable detect bits works as expected.



  • ADV7391

    Dear Sirs,


    We are currently designing with the ADV7391 device

    We have an external amp/filter so wanted to operate this device in low drive mode.

    However, I have seen in the data sheet that u recommend using the full drive mode over the low drive…

  • ADV7391


    For a new program development based on ADV7391BCPZ ADC I'm looking for a way to output NTSC video format output on R, G and B with the synchronization levels only on the G channel.

    I've only found configurations with sync on all 3 channels or…

  • Adv7391


    I Am using Adv7391 to drive monochrome video on dac1 output in format of monochrome PAL. the output configuration is set to YPbPr.  Can I drive the 8 bit digital monochrome video to the Y field without any conversion (without scaling to 219/224 )…

  • adv7391

    Hi. I''m working on a project with adv7391, but I have some difficulties. My test case is:

    FPGA generating test pattern in YCbCr 4:2:2, 768x576, PAL, interlaced, square pixel, 8 bit input, clock freq 29.5MHz, CVBS output.

    ADV7391 configuration…

  • ADV7391

    We have a EVAL-ADV7391EBZ evaluation board to evaluate your video

    encoder. We need to generate a R G B triple analog output (no sync signal

    embedded) from your part with an input of a digital parallel input YUV 422


    We would like…

  • ADV7511 ADV7391

    I need to offer both composite and hdmi out at 640 × 480p @ 60 Hz, with 8 bit and sync input (greyscale only, no color). I have found these two ADI parts as candidates, but they must use the same input(s) from Zynq. Is this a good solution or does something…

  • ADV7391 SFL input

    The SFL pin has several different modes including color subcarrier DDS, timing reset and subcarrier reset.

    We are outputting NTSC data from an FPGA to the ADV7391.

    Do we need to drive the SFL pin and if so what mode?

    Can I just tie SFL low?


    Please note that the ADV7391 is "Not Recommended for New Designs". Depending on the functionality that the customer is needing, please ask them to consider using ADV7341 instead.