• (ADV7390/ADV7391)Can I replace ADV7391 to ADV7390?

    Hi !

    One of my customers are thinking to use ADV7390.

    They are using ADV7390 with other project so they want to merge the device.

    They were designing the unit with ADV7391 first but they are thinking to replace to ADV7390.

    And I have few question…

  • (ADV7390)Does ADV7390 support 54MHz-ED to CVBS?

    Hi !

    I already ask does ADV7390 can support 54MHz ED.


    And tried this and I succeeded.

    And this is YPbPrOut.

    To output with CVBS ,

    Adding 0x80 and 0x82 is enough?

    Best regards.


  • [ADV7390] Can ADV7390 adjust an active video output data?

    Hello, ADI Support Team

    Can ADV7390 adjust an active video output data?

    For example, I want to move the start position of the active video behind more from a default position.

    Does ADV7390 have such a register?

    Best regards, TomY

  • (ADV7390)What is the difference between ADV7390W & ADV7390?


    I want to know what is the difference between Automotive-grade and NonAutomotive-grade.

    I think the temperature range is different.

    But other specification is all same.

    Is my understanding is correct?

    Best regards.


  • (ADV7390/1)Does ADV7390/1 supports ED-SDR 8bits 54MHz?


    I have some questions about ADV739*.


    I want to input BT.656 ED(525p)-SDR 54MHz 8bit(not 16bit) to ADV739*.

    Does ADV7390/1 support that Video-format?

    Or must I use ADV7392/3?

    At the…

  • [ADV7390] In case of PAL, which standard dose ADV7390 comply with?

    Hello, ADI Support Team

    I know that ADV7390 is complied with SMPTE-170M in the case of NTSC.

    In the case of PAL, which standard does it comply with?

    I want to know the analog blanking timming (Front porch, SYNC, Back porch) in case of PAL.

    And also…

  • ADV7390 power sequence


    I have one quesiton about ADV7390.

    This device requires both 1.8 and 3.3V.

    Are there any rules/suggestions/recommendations about power sequence, especially at power-on?

    Thank you in advance.

  • ADV7390 interface?

    Is there an ADV7390 quick interface guide ( or an example) to a BF60X DSP?

  • ADV7610 + ADV7390

    HI guys,

    Could you please check below register's settings  for adv7610?, Actually, It dosent' work. I have checked HDMI input signal correctly, but output of adv7610 is just LLC clocks but screen is black.

    My requirements:

    ADV7610 input : HDMI …

  • [ADV7390] I2C question


    I have a question about I2C of ADV7390.
    Please see attached file "I2C_Question.xlsx".
     The customer has been developing the S/W.
     He asks us this question to decide the I2C access flow.

    Thank you!
    Best regards.