• Specification about ADV7390 and ADV7392


    I have a question about ADV7390 and ADV7392.

    Another(external) IC inputs SD progressive(720x480p@60Hz) to ADV7390/ADV7392 in digital parallel.

    Is it possible to convert to interlace(720x480i@60Hz) with ADV7390/ADV7392 and output analog signals?

  • (ADV7390/ADV7391)Can I replace ADV7391 to ADV7390?

    Hi !

    One of my customers are thinking to use ADV7390.

    They are using ADV7390 with other project so they want to merge the device.

    They were designing the unit with ADV7391 first but they are thinking to replace to ADV7390.

    And I have few question…

  • RE: (ADV7390)Does this device support 640*480p@25.175MHz DDR?

    Hi Jeyasudha.M!

    Thank you for your support every day.

    I want to make sure about this to answer my customer correctly.


    So as you attached ADV7390 can support 480p.

    This means ADV7390 can support 720*480p.

    But 640*480p(BT.656) is not supported…

  • Does the ADV7390 support the BT656 format: 640×480(VIC No1, certified EIA-CEA-861)?

    No, the ADV7390 cannot support any graphic video standards including 640X480@60. The ADV7390 can however support 480p and 576p in BT656 format. Also the ADV7390 cannot do any video scaling such as converting 576p video  to 640X480@60.

  • About Closed caption of ADV7390

    Dear support team,

    We evaluate a function of closed caption of ADV7390.

    When Video source with closed caption of DVD is input to ADV7390 Front end board ,

    Can Eval board of ADV7390 output CVBS data with closed caption?

    Best regards,


  • Encoding range of ADV7390.


    I have a question about encoding range of ADV7390.

    The customer uses ADV7390 as 8bit input, separate sync (Slave Option Mode 2).
    We think ADV7390 does not encode 1-9 line and 264 - 272 line of input video data.
    In other words, we think ADV7390…

  • (ADV7390)How to AV-Mute & YCbCr output timing.


    I have two questions about ADV7390.


    Our customer is using ADV7390.

    SoC => ADV7390 => Monitor

    Till SoC start up SoC cannot output correct digital data, so the output from ADV7390 looks not correct image.

    So Our customer want to AV-MUTE…

  • When ADV7390 outputs PAL, is Closed Caption invalid?


    I have a question about ADV7390.

    When ADV7390 outputs PAL, is Closed Caption invalid?

    Thank you.
    Best regards.

  • RE: (ADV7390)What will happen if the Fbit is all "0" in the EAV and SAV?

    The F bit is derived from the H & V sync timing.  Look at NTSC timing to see how they determined the field indicator.

    What timing goes into the ADV7390 comes out of the ADV7390.

  • RE: [ADV7390] About COMP pin

    Hi TomY,

    In the datasheet for ADV7390, it has the following text:


    The ADV739x contains a compensation pin, COMP. A 2.2 nF compensation capacitor should be connected from the COMP pin to VAA.