• ADV7343 Video issue


    I have my custom made ADV7343 board where iam giving 27MHZ clock input now i want the test pattern to be generated. This is our secon revision in first revision we had some problem but got resolved ( https://ez.analog.com/video/f/q-a/102379/adv7343…

  • EXT_LF for ADV7343


    I have a question for external LOOP FILTER parts.

    Instead of 150nF, is it possible to use 100nF and 47nF parallelly at EXT_LF?

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  • ADV7611 and Adv7343 resolutions


    I would like to design a HDMI to Analog video converter and planning to use ADV7611 and ADV7343 and a controller to configure 7611  and 7343, 

    Is it possible to give 1080P 60Hz HD (HDMI input) to adv7611  and convert them to YCbCr parallel data and directly…

  • adv7343 circuit questions

    Hi ADI's

    One of my customers is reviewing product development using the ADV7343.

    RS170 (640 x 480,30fps), 4 channels of black and white video are used in Black Bar mode.
    would like to implement the structure below.


    1. Should the DAC1 ~ 3 be directly…

  • ADV7343 with ZC702 video output issues


    We have designed a board using Zynq ZC702 from Xilinx and ADV7343 for analog video conversion. The data comes from a camera sensor which is interfaced to the Zynq platform via I2C. The incoming 16-bit parallel data is connected to ADV7343 for converting…

  • [ADV7343] External SYNC output pins in case of SD video.


    I have a question about ADV7343.

    It has some SYNC pins, which are S_HSYNC(I/O), S_VSYNC(I/O), P_HSYNC(I) and P_VSYNC(I).
    When ED/HD video is handled, I think we can use P_HSYNC and P_VSYNC for the external sync input and S_HSYNC and S_VSYNC for the…

  • How to find timing definition about Hsync of ADV7343 when using SD mode?


    I want to use ADV7343 in my design.

    The mode is SD Only, 8-Bit, 4:2:2 YCrCb Pixel Input Mode to S[7:0],PAL or NTSC mode with R/G/B,CVBS/Y/C output.

    By the timing Figure 106 or 107 in datasheet, I could not find the detail timing  description with  S…

  • ADV7343 output video not proper


    Iam using ADV7343 connected to FPGA to give analog video output.To test the connection with our design i generated the test pattern from ADV7343 and at first it was in black and white color then after correcting the input clock from 26.8 Mhz to proper…


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  • Chroma PM noize for ADV7180 and ADV7343


    My customer has a question for ADV7180 and ADV7343. When they use these device and pass through the video data at 656 format, PM specification of Chroma noize was not good.

    It can see around 35dB to 45dB. they can see AM spec is good (it can see around…