• ADV7343 Video Input Resolution


    I have an 640x480 12-bit monochrome image we want to change this image to analog CVBS signal.

    I want to use ADV7343 but datasheet say 525i input format (at Table 64 of ADV7343 Datasheet) support?

    What is the 525i resolution? Can I use this IC or suggest…

  • Adv7343 Evaluation Board


    I working on Adv7343 IC and add this IC in my design but I want to do preliminary work on this chip.

    I searched the evaluation board I came accross this


    Can I used to EVAL-ADV7341EBZ…

  • RE: ADV7343 Progressive Mode settings


    I have enabled the internal test pattern of the encoder ADV7343 IC

    This are the following configurations done:-



    Hi team,

    We are using encoder ADV7343 in our project. We are providing 27MHz clock to CLKIN_A. 

    Following register configurations are performed:

    0x17  - 0x02

    0x00 - 0xFC

    0x82 - 0xC9

    0x84 - 0x40

    0x11 - 0x80

    0x8C - 0xCB

    0x8D - 0x8A

    0x8E - 0x09

    0x8F - 0x2…

  • ADV7181C and ADV7343 Register Configuration


    we are using ADV7181C and ADV7343 device in our project. Require the register configuration details for below mentioned video type and resolution for both ADV7181C and ADV7343

    1. ADV7181C device
    1a. Video Type - RGsB (STANAG3350B)
    1b. Resolution …

  • ADV7181C and ADV7343 - Configuration


    We are using ADV7181C and ADV7343 in our design. We want to configure these device for our application. We don't have any Evaluation Board for these decoder and encoder.
    Is there any PC software tool for configuring the ADV7181C and ADV7343 Registers…

  • ADV7611 interface to ADV7343

    Hi Team, 

    We are working on analog video conversion from HDMI input resolution of 1080p.

    In the previous design for Analog Conversion (CVBS and S-video), we have used FPGA because of the ADV7343 input config.  We need to downscale the resolution of about…

  • ADV7611 with ADV7343 Eval Kit specification

    Hi Team,

    we are working on HDMI 1080p60 to analog conversion of CVBS and Y/C, we have seen your evaluation kit of ADV7611.  

    Will you pls, Confirm the supported input resolution for that module?   

    Will you please refer to the Evaluation kit. https://ez.analog…

  • ADV7343 Video issue


    I have my custom made ADV7343 board where iam giving 27MHZ clock input now i want the test pattern to be generated. This is our secon revision in first revision we had some problem but got resolved ( https://ez.analog.com/video/f/q-a/102379/adv7343…

  • EXT_LF for ADV7343


    I have a question for external LOOP FILTER parts.

    Instead of 150nF, is it possible to use 100nF and 47nF parallelly at EXT_LF?

    Best Regards,