• ADV7341: SPI Interface for the ADV7341

    we also wants to use the ADV7341 with SPI, there is an information
    to contact ADI for more information.


    SPI is not supported on these products.

  • ADV7341: Which Standards does the ADV7341 Support

    But I have some problem with: 1080psf23.98
    It is not SMPTE 274M - N°11
    As 1080psf23.98 is not define in CEA-861, timing used by ADV7341 are Embeded
    TRS for all cases.

    In ADV7341 I have seen in Register 0x30 special case for 1080Psf at 24 Hz…

  • ADV7341 problem

    Address of register 0x02 in manual adv7341 test pattern black bar Does this black bar refer to a pure black image, a black-and-white image, or a pure white image?

  • ADV7341 application problems

    The adv7341 chip is used to output color stripe video. The oscillograph collects and outputs waveforms with positive level but no negative level. According to the manual, it is -300mv. Our waveform is 300mV. What is the reason?

  • ADV7341 application problems 1

    Adv7341 chip is used to output color stripe video. The oscilloscope collects and outputs waveforms where the positive level at the lowest point is not the negative level. According to the manual, the minimum level of waveform is -300mv. The lowest level…

  • ADV7341使用问题


  • ADV7341使用问题2

    ADV7341手册中寄存器0x02地址 Test pattern black bar.这个 black bar是指纯黑色图像,还是黑白相间的图像,还是纯白色图像?

  • PAL encoders: ADV7341, ADV7391 Driver support for ARM


    We have used ADV7341 and  ADV7391 for PAL encoding with the ARM processor. But we are not getting driver support. Since we want to push the system for large scale production and PAL output is important, kindly provide the driver asap.



  • ADV7341 - PAL Slave Mode 2


    I am trying to send a PAL 720x576i @ 50 Hz test pattern which is generated on an FPGA. The FPGA generates the pixel data and #S_HSYNC and #S_VSYNC signals. I have configured the ADV7341 to work in Slave Mode 2 but the timing diagrams of the sync…