• ADV7341: SPI Interface for the ADV7341

    we also wants to use the ADV7341 with SPI, there is an information
    to contact ADI for more information.


    SPI is not supported on these products.
  • ADV7341: Which Standards does the ADV7341 Support

    But I have some problem with: 1080psf23.98
    It is not SMPTE 274M - N°11
    As 1080psf23.98 is not define in CEA-861, timing used by ADV7341 are Embeded
    TRS for all cases.

    In ADV7341 I have seen in Register 0x30 special case for 1080Psf…
  • ADV7341 Subcarrier reset


    i am looking to understand, given the ADV7311 has gone EOL, the recommended part going forward to replace this was the ADV7341 as i understand.  One feature which is different between the ADV7311 and the ADV7341 are how the subcarrier reset is…

  • ADV7341


    I try to configure ADV7341 for NTSC and PAL. I used these settings. Are they true settings? It's very important and urgent.

    Thank you...

    CVBS (NTSC) - AVIDOUT 16 Bit 4:2:2
    54 17 02 Reset Enco…
  • ADV7341 ID register


    i am looking to find out if there is a register that is accessible in the ADV7341 that can be used to identify the part generic (i.e. not a serial number but only to tell if it is an ADV7341 populated that i am trying to control).  This is in response…

  • ADV7341 I2C


    On my previous card I had the ADV7321  and ADV7188 on same I2C bus.

    Card is working good for several years.

    In my new design I have changed the ADV7321 with ADV7341, other than that all this section is the same.

    In the new card, I wanted to verify…

  • About ADV7341

    A value of RSET and RL is prescribed with the data sheet of ADV7341 as follows .

    For low-drive operation, RSET1 must have a value of 4.12 kΩ, and RL must have a value of 300 Ω.
    For full-drive operation, RSET1 must have a value of 510 Ω, and RL must have…

  • ADV7802/ADV7341


    We have a simple setup where unstable CVBS input (VCR) is digitized by ADV7802, and the resulting 10-bit BT.656 stream is converted back to CVBS by ADV7341.

    ADV7802 is configured to use external DDR RAM. Both chips are configured for PAL SD operation…

  • Script for ADV7341


    I am using the script defined in Table 67 of the datasheet.

    This is not working to produce any output. Even tried by enabling color bar output.

    But if the script is changed to accept PAL then it works.

    I have attached my script (with PAL).…

  • ADV7341开发板