• ADV7340 NTSC Horizontal Blanking Rise time


    I am operating the ADV7340 component at a standard resolution of 640*480 squre pixel with composite output. According to specification the Horizontal Blanking Rise\Fall time should be 140+-20ns.

    When setting SD active video edge controll bit…

  • ADV7340 Non standard definition output voltage values


    I would like to use the ADV7340 component for a non standard definition. I need output voltages of 714mv/286mv (280mv for sync and 714mv for white). Can the component support those output voltages at non standard timing mode?

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  • Sync pins for ADV7340 used in HD mode


    I'm using ADV7340BSTZ for HD output. The HD output i get is composite RGB.

    The P-Hsync, P-Vsync are used to interface at the digital side of the ADV47340, which are interfaced to FPGA.

    Data sheet says S-Hsync and S-Vsync can be used as output…

  • RE: ADV7340 ED/HD non standard timing mode


    Thank you for your advice.

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      Does above mean that ADV7340 does not operation (can not display )at VESA format ?


  • ADV7182,ADV7340 and ADV7511 video decoder/encoder configuration

    Hi ,

    We are using ADV7182, ADV7340 and ADV7511W Video decoder/encoder. We have done the configuration by referring corresponding datasheet.

    I have attached the configuration details. Please review the same and let me know if anything is missed.


  • Video is distorted after some days in Encoder ADV7340


    We are using ADV7340 Encoder, Earlier we are getting grey image very clear and OK but now it is distorted and it is noticeable in gray images only not in color video. Video is noisy and slightly blurring  is there . In one board it is OK But in…

  • what does the "-3" on the brand of ADV7390/1/2/3 and ADV7340/1/2/3 indicate?

    The latest revision of the encoder has the -3 version branded on it's package. The revision code of the encoder can be read back from register 0xBB bits 7:6. 01B indicates the latest revision.

    Further information on the change made to this version…

  • RE: Sharing of inputs between ADV7511WBSWZ and ADV7340BSTZ


    For ADV7340, in datasheet it is given that,

    "In sleep mode, most of the digital I/O pins of the ADV7340/ ADV7341 are disabled. For inputs, this means that the external data is ignored, and internally the logic normally driven by a given input…

  • Output filter requirement for ADV7340BSTZ


    I'm using ADV7340BSTZ for Component RGB (DAC1, DAC2, DAC3) and CVBS (DAC4) Outputs.

    I'm planning to connect the RGB output along with S-Hsync & S-Vsync signals (used as output pins) of ADV7340 to a VGA monitor through a DB-15 VGA connector.…

  • RE: Alternate part for ADV7340BSTZ

    Hello Nanjunda,

    ADV7340 requires a macrovision license to order. The non macrovision part would be ADV7341. They are otherwise the same.