• ADV7340

    I am looking to use one of your chips to output RGB and Composite sync at 1280x1024 60hz, I was looking at the ADV7340, but could not find that timing output. Can someone tell me if this format is supported or if there is another chip that will?

  • ADV7340


    We are using the ADV7340 component to produce Composite standard 640*480 NTSC Square pixel output. We have performed layout according to the datasheet specifications and configured the device to produce this resolution according to the examples…

  • ADV7340 linux driver


       I am looking for ADV7340 driver source code for linux. I couldn't find it anywhere. can someone please provide it here?

       I have ADV7343 driver. Is it compatible with ADV7340?


       Thanks in Advance,



  • adv7340 linux driver


    I couldn't find adv7340 driver for linux anywhere. can you please provide me the source code?

    Thanks and regards,


  • ADV7320 vs ADV7340/7344


    Our customer tries to convert ADV7320 into ADV7340/7344, because ADV7320 is not recommended for new design.

    So, there are some questions.


    Is there a document which describes the differences between ADV7320 and ADV7340/7344?


    Is the difference…

  • Does ADV7340 requires Licensing before programming?

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We have designed the hardware where we are using ADV7340 IC for PAL(720x576i @ 50fps) Video Encoder.

    Does this IC require purchasing of License?  Authorized vendor are saying this IC will be shipped with License.

    Why License is required…

  • ADV7340 HD and pseudo HD?

    I have a customer who would like to use the ADV7340 in a similar mode referenced on the datasheet (simultaneous SD/HD), except that they would like to do HD and pseudo-HD 10-bit Y channel only for IR video instead of 10-bit SD. Is this possible?

  • ADV7340 component video test pattern


    I have been trying to generate a component test pattern in 720p @50Hz sing ADV7340. I am supplying 74.5MHzto clk_in_A. But there is no response in the output. I have attached the register configuration I am using. Any update needed? What is the problem…

  • ADV7340 Orcad Symbol and Eval Board Gerber

    Need the Orcad symbol and the Eval BOard Gerber file for the ADV7340.

    They are not with the support files.



  • ADV7340 is sending NACK on I2C

    In our custom Design we are using ADV7340 .In one board it is working fine but in one board we are facing problem in this encoder

    VDD_IO is 3.3V and VDD is 1.8V. Proper power on sequencing has been done and 1.8V rail is coming after 3.3V by 750u-sec…