• How to detect Video Chip Model (ADV7280, ADV7280A-M and ADV7282A)?


    Is there a way to detect through I2C if the interface chip is ADV7280, ADV7280A-M orADV7282A?  I looked at the IDENT register however it was not useful.  Is there any other registers that uniquely identify the chip?



  • RE: Damping resistor calculating formula of ADV7282A


    Please find the below comments,

      For example, if the external capacitor is 12pF, device pin capacitance is 4pF and PCB is estimated at 2pF, the the value for cell B5 would be 18pF, right ?

        We can calculate the capacitance by referring AN-1260 application…

  • [ADV7282A-M] More details of the I2P interpolation.


    I have a question about details of I2P (interlace to progressive) conversion of ADV7282A-M.

    The expert answered on following thread as follows:
    >The deinterlacer in the…

  • ADV7282A horizontol lines are shaking when using I2P mode

    Hello everyone, 

    I used ADV7282A to produce digital NTSC and PAL video data to FPGA. There is a RTL code which captures Hblank, Vblank and active video. After capturing video timing control signal, there is Video Processing Subsytem block which scales…

  • Query on ADV7186, ADV7282A-M

    Our requirement is to have AHD input from the camera with MIPI CSI interface to processor.
    ADV7186 directly supports AHD input from camera ?

    It would be grateful if you can confirm me whether 6 analog inputs will be supported simultaneously by ADV7282A…

  • ADV7282A-M - Raspberry Pi Some Basic Questions


    I have EVAL-ADV7282A-M board. I want to develop AHD camera and CSI connection board. 

    I have some questions, can anyone please answer those detailed.

    1- Can I change fast between cameras, and get good result with it. I mean for 10ms I will show AIN0 than…

  • [ADV7282A-M] Spike (glitch) from LP mode to HS mode on MIPI-CSI output


    I have some questions about spike (glitch) from LP mode to HS mode on MIPI CSI output of ADV7282A-M.
    I summarized the questions to an attached file "ADV7282A_M_spike(glitch)_from_LP_to_HS_on_MIPI_output.xlsx".
    Please refer it.

    Thank you!

  • RE: EVAL-ADV7282A-M I2C detect not work


    1. Please make sure you have the right address, a lot of software defines I2C addresses as 7-bit addresses(i.e In that case we need to right shift the 8 bit map address to one),our i2c driver work with 8-bit address.

    2. Please try below sequence,…

  • ADV7282A Layout Recommendations to Meet Mil-STD 461

    I have a customer who is using four ADV7282As in a application that is required to meet Mil-STD-461 for radiated and conducted emissions. This spec is 10 - 15 dB more stringent than the FCC requirements. They have followed all circuit and layout recommendations…

  • [ADV7282A-M] Fast Switch Mode and "IN_LOCK" bit.

    I have a question about ADV7282A-M.

    There are some thread about Fast Switch Mode script as follows: