• DVP EVAL Software for ADV7282A unavailable on FTP folder /users/adv728x

    I am trying to download DVP Software to use EVAL-ADV7282AEBZ from FTP server ftp.analog.com -->  /users/adv728x but there is no DVP exe file anywhere. Please help asap.


  • ADV7282A : Position offset Register

    Hello Analog Team 

    We are looking for the Position offset setting of the chip.

    Our product requirement is support for -32 to +32 position offset support for both horizonal and vertical direction. Can you please help in this ?

  • ADV7282A : Support to the Timing

    Hello Analog Team 

    We have query regarding the support of the below mentioned timing for the ADV7282A Chip.

    As we getting this CVBS signal with below mentioned Timing from Source .

    1) Can you please have a look on mentioned table and confirm us , whether…

  • ADV7282-M & ADV7282A-M

    Which are the differences between ADV7282-M and ADV7282A-M?

    from the datasheet point of view except for the IDENT code the devices are quite the same.


    Fabrizio Erario

  • ADV7282A: Support of base signals

    Hello Analog Team


    We have some query regarding the support to some standards by ADV7282AWBCPZ Video ADC. 

    Please refer below Queries

    1) Does support input format - RS170 (SMPTE 170M) NTSC ?
    2) Does  support input format - PAL (ITU-R BT.1700 Part B…

  • ADV7282A Flickering


    I are using adv7282a composite SDTV video decoder in my application.

    The decoder hardware is designed according to datasheet references.

    I fallowed the eval board scripts to configure adv7282a device, which we implemented is ;

    :I2P - PAL In Ain1,…

  • RE: DPHY Clock for i.MX8MQ with ADV7282A-M


    I have the same Problem as described by you with an iMX8MM. Initializing the ADV7282M works fine. But playback in e.g. GST never starts.

    Could you explain how you modified hs_settle and changed the RX DPHY Core clock to 800Mhz?


  • Tolerance to noise of I2C pins of ADV7282A-M.


    I have a question about tolerance to noise of I2C pins of ADV7282A-M.

    Does ADV7282A-M have a function for canceling noise to I2C SCLK pin in order to avoid false I2C operation?
    For example, is there a function that ADV7282A-M ignores clock…

  • How to detect Video Chip Model (ADV7280, ADV7280A-M and ADV7282A)?


    Is there a way to detect through I2C if the interface chip is ADV7280, ADV7280A-M orADV7282A?  I looked at the IDENT register however it was not useful.  Is there any other registers that uniquely identify the chip?



  • RE: Damping resistor calculating formula of ADV7282A


    Please find the below comments,

      For example, if the external capacitor is 12pF, device pin capacitance is 4pF and PCB is estimated at 2pF, the the value for cell B5 would be 18pF, right ?

        We can calculate the capacitance by referring AN-1260 application…