• ADV7282A Flickering


    I are using adv7282a composite SDTV video decoder in my application.

    The decoder hardware is designed according to datasheet references.

    I fallowed the eval board scripts to configure adv7282a device, which we implemented is ;

    :I2P - PAL In Ain1,…

  • RE: Damping resistor calculating formula of ADV7282A

    Is there an update to this (3 years later)? 

    For example, if the external capacitor is 12pF, device pin capacitance is 4pF and PCB is estimated at 2pF, the the value for cell B5 would be 18pF, right?

    Also, are the voltage values in cells E20, E21, F20…

  • [ADV7282A-M] More details of the I2P interpolation.


    I have a question about details of I2P (interlace to progressive) conversion of ADV7282A-M.

    The expert answered on following thread as follows:
    >The deinterlacer in the…

  • ADV7282A progressive mode


    My processor (NXP MPC5645S) needs a progressive video input in order to be able to  downsize the video it receives.

    This processor is ITU656 compatible and cannot accept a LLC clock above 50 MHZ

    I expect to program the ADV7282A chip so it can output…

  • EVAL-ADV7282A-M

  • (ADV7282A)Datasheet updated to Rev.A

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV7282A.

    I found ADI updated ADV7282A datasheet.

    What is IDENT code?

    Best regards


  • ADV7282A timing in progressive mode


    The ADV7282A will interface an FPGA. So, I have a custom design within the FPGA to extract the active image in progressive mode.

    I'm trying to understand what video timing I can expect. Therefore, I have several questions:

    1/ How many line…

  • [ADV7282A-M] IBIS model

    I have a question(request) about IBIS model of ADV7282A-M.

    There are no models for MIPI CSI-2 Tx pins on the IBIS model.
    Can you provide the models…

  • ADV7282A Initialization Scripts


     Could I get the initialization scripts for:


    1. Composite TV Video 9NTSC/PAL)
    2. DeInterlacer
    3. BT656 Output


    Also, I will recommend unused analog inputs grounded thru a 10k Resistor unless you advise differently.



  • Picture position ADV7282A-M


    I use the raspberry pi CM3 and ADV7282A-M as a signal receiver (PAL) from the analog camera.

    Unfortunately, the image is shifted to the right. On the left you can see a black bar. (as in the picture).

    When I run the "free run" mode, the image…