• ADV7282A Flickering


    I are using adv7282a composite SDTV video decoder in my application.

    The decoder hardware is designed according to datasheet references.

    I fallowed the eval board scripts to configure adv7282a device, which we implemented is ;

    :I2P - PAL In Ain1,…

  • ADV7282A progressive mode


    My processor (NXP MPC5645S) needs a progressive video input in order to be able to  downsize the video it receives.

    This processor is ITU656 compatible and cannot accept a LLC clock above 50 MHZ

    I expect to program the ADV7282A chip so it can output…

  • ADV7282A horizontol lines are shaking when using I2P mode

    Hello everyone, 

    I used ADV7282A to produce digital NTSC and PAL video data to FPGA. There is a RTL code which captures Hblank, Vblank and active video. After capturing video timing control signal, there is Video Processing Subsytem block which scales…

  • EVAL-ADV7282A-M

  • (ADV7282A)Datasheet updated to Rev.A

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV7282A.

    I found ADI updated ADV7282A datasheet.

    What is IDENT code?

    Best regards


  • ADV7282A timing in progressive mode


    The ADV7282A will interface an FPGA. So, I have a custom design within the FPGA to extract the active image in progressive mode.

    I'm trying to understand what video timing I can expect. Therefore, I have several questions:

    1/ How many line…

  • [ADV7282A-M] IBIS model

    I have a question(request) about IBIS model of ADV7282A-M.

    There are no models for MIPI CSI-2 Tx pins on the IBIS model.
    Can you provide the models…

  • ADV7282A Initialization Scripts


     Could I get the initialization scripts for:


    1. Composite TV Video 9NTSC/PAL)
    2. DeInterlacer
    3. BT656 Output


    Also, I will recommend unused analog inputs grounded thru a 10k Resistor unless you advise differently.



  • Picture position ADV7282A-M


    I use the raspberry pi CM3 and ADV7282A-M as a signal receiver (PAL) from the analog camera.

    Unfortunately, the image is shifted to the right. On the left you can see a black bar. (as in the picture).

    When I run the "free run" mode, the image…
  • ADV7282A-M EVB Board Interface

    Since I'm new to the video decoding and MIPI CSI, need a basic clarification on ADV7282A-M decoder.

    Our requirement is to read a analog camera 

    Would like to interface ADV7282A-M EVB board with Quectel SC60 smart module, that can support 3 Groups of 4-lane…