• ADV7282 and ADV7282-M Design Support Files

    This page contains the key support documents and configuration settings that a user of the ADV7282 or ADV7282-M.

    The ADV7282 is a SD Video Decoder that output digital video data in an 8-bit YCrCb format over a BT.656 link.

    The ADV7282-M is a SD Video…

  • adv7282


    Start to using adv7282 chip.

    Have no ACK on I2C bus. RESET and PWRDWN controled from FPGA. Tryed any combinations, no result.

    What waltage shoud be on VREFP and VREFN pins?

  • ADV7282-M

    I have a project with adv7282-m. The adv7282-m board is connected to nividia jeston agx. Could you please give me the parameters below? Thank you!

  • ADV7282 - Output Screen


    There is a problem that the output screen is distorted at the present timing.

    (It gets distorted for several seconds and returns to original)

    When PVDD power supply line voltage is not stable, Is the phenomenon easy to come out?

    Will PVDD be…

  • adv7282 scripts

    After reviewing the scripts, ADV7282_CUST-VER.1.4.txt,

    Having trouble understanding some of the setups.

    Example Script: ##02_CVBS SINGLE ENDED AUTODETECT ##

    Contains 42 0E 80 ; ADI Required Write

    This address  data is a 'reserved' slot in the address…

  • RE: ADV7282-m DTS : How to connect adv to ipu1_csi0 ?

    Hi Bastien,

    I am also trying to get ADV7280-M to interface with i.MX6 and I am getting the same errors as you described:

    [  189.271176] imx6-mipi-csi2: LP-11 wait timeout, likely a sensor driver bug, expect capture failures.
    [  189.286011] imx6-mipi-csi2…

  • RE: How to adjust the ADV7282-M MIPI CSI-2 output strength or rising failing?


       We dont have any update releases on ADV728x chipsets other than what available in the documents at https://ez.analog.com/video/w/documents/704/adv7282-and-adv7282-m-design-support-files



  • (ADV7282-M)Deinterlacer algorithm

    Hi !

    I was reading ADV7282-M datasheet.

    And I have a question about ADV7282-M.

    ADV7282-M has deinterlacer algorithm .

    Which type of I2P algorithm does ADV7282-M has?

    Line double or cubic or some other algorithm?

    Best regards


  • ADV7282-M Chip ID

    We are design Android driver for ADV7282-M(the processor/hardware platform is MTK6582), Since MTK platform the register function need to probe the chip's ID.

    Take OV5662 as an Example,

    ===MTK Driver

    #define OV5642_SENSOR_ID    0x5642


  • ADV7282 PAL M compatibility

    Hello, I have a costumer that needs to know if PAL M inputs are truthfully tested by ADI on ADV7282.

    Since it is a Brazilian only modulation standard, It might have never been tested.