• ADV7281A device tree

    Someone asked by email:


    I'm using a board that uses the Analog Devices ADV7281A.

    In order to use the ADV7281A in our system I think that I need to modify the linux device tree so that it can correctly recognize / utilize the part.

    I'm hoping…

  • ADV7281A-M video format detection feature


    I have questions below. Would you mind answering to my questions?

    [Background / Concern]
    We want to use NTSC J/M but lock is unstable when changing INSEL from 0xE to 0xF.
    * Lock in the following order
       lock(NTSC4.43)-> unlock -> lock(NTSC J/M)…

  • (ADV7281A)Hardware & software manual

    Hi !

    I want to confirm few things.


    I know that ADI released ADV7281A (Not ADV7281).

    But I couldn't find design support Files at Engineer zone.

    I found..



  • (ADV7281A)Reference circuit.

    Hi !


    I have a question.

    At P16 this is written.



    But at Figure14, this is written.




    Which is correct?

    75 or 150?


    Best regards


  • (ADV7281A)Power down sequence

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV7281A.

    Our customer are designing their PCB for automotive.

    They want to know the power down sequence.

    At datasheet, this is written.

    But I couldn't understand what is written.

    Our customer want to power down…

  • RE: ADV7281A-M each pin statement during reset and after reset clear


    No, we would like to know whether ADV7281A-M has internal pull-up or pull-down resistor with each pins.
    *Especially we want to know about the RESET pin as soon as possible


  • (ADV7281A)Full differential input network.

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV7281A input network.

    At the datasheet P16, this is written.

    But At P24, this is written.

    At P16, it says to us to use 150ohm.

    But at P24, it says to use 75Ohm.

    Which is correct?

    I think 75Ohm is correct.

  • HBM & CDM ESD data of ADV7281A?


    Can I have HBM and CDM ESD data of ADV7281A?

    I couldn't fine theses from the data sheet and ADI website.

    Thank you

  • (ADV7281A)Datasheet revision change Rev0 to RevA


    I found ADI changed ADV7281A datasheet.





    Why ADI changed this value?


    Which is correct? 0.2mm? 0.25mm?


  • (ADV7281A)Power up sequence. About power raising time.


    I have a question about ADV7281A.

    At the datasheet, it tell us how to power up ADV7281A.

    Our customer want to turn on 3.3V and 1.8V supply within 100 μs.

    It is very important to keep 3.3V > 1.8V.

    (ADV728x)POWER-UP SEQUENCE of ADV728x