• ADV7281A device tree

    Someone asked by email:


    I'm using a board that uses the Analog Devices ADV7281A.

    In order to use the ADV7281A in our system I think that I need to modify the linux device tree so that it can correctly recognize / utilize the part.

    I'm hoping…

  • [ADV7281A-M] Voltage supply during power-up

    Hi all,

    I have a customer board with ADV7281A-M connected to Qualcomm SoC.
    I tried to enable free-run mode (##01_Free-Run Mode## :Color Bars 576i MIPI Out:)
    from script ADV7281AM_Cust-VER.5.0.txt (:Customer Version 5.0 August 2017 ADV7281A-M:).
    But unfortunately…

  • [ADV7281A-M] Required register settings when input is selected.


    I have two questions about required settings when input is selected.
    I summarized the questions to an attached file "Question_ADV7281A_M_register_setting_for_input_select.xlsx".
    Please refer it.

    Thank you!
    Best regards.

  • RE: ADV7281A-M video format detection feature


      Thanks for letting us know.



  • RE: ADV7281A-M each pin statement during reset and after reset clear


    No, we would like to know whether ADV7281A-M has internal pull-up or pull-down resistor with each pins.
    *Especially we want to know about the RESET pin as soon as possible


  • Does the Default configuration of ADV7281A supports single ended composite video input signal on Ain1 channel in default mode?

    I want to use ADV7281A to read single ended composite video (CVBS) input signal on Ain1 channel.

    Can I use ADV7281A in default mode or do I have to configure it using I2C.

    What are the default setting of INSEL at power ON or after Reset? 

    As far as I understand…

  • HBM & CDM ESD data of ADV7281A?


    Can I have HBM and CDM ESD data of ADV7281A?

    I couldn't fine theses from the data sheet and ADI website.

    Thank you

  • ADV7281A-M Android/Linux driver for Qualcomm CPU

    Have any information about ADV7282A-M timing setting for Qualcomm CPU ?


  • (ADV7281A)Hardware & software manual

    Hi !

    I want to confirm few things.


    I know that ADI released ADV7281A (Not ADV7281).

    But I couldn't find design support Files at Engineer zone.

    I found..



  • (ADV7281A)Reference circuit.

    Hi !


    I have a question.

    At P16 this is written.



    But at Figure14, this is written.




    Which is correct?

    75 or 150?


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