• (ADV7280A) Power Down Sequence

    Hi !

    I want to confirm one thing.

    This is written in datasheet.

    One of our customers power down sequence is this.

    The voltage of the 3.3V power supply is always higher than that of the 1.8V power supply, so I don't think there is a problem. 

    Is this…

  • 【ADV7280A】About Contrast


    I am evaluating the ADV7280A.
    I have a question, please let me know.

    When I was checking the image quality with the color bar,
    The behavior when the contrast value is changed is different from the behavior when the contrast value is changed with an…

  • ADV7280A artifacts being observed - tuning issue?

    The adv7280a is receiving interlaced video from a camera sensor. The adv7280a changes the interlace format to the progressive format (I2P). Hence, the frames received
    at the CSI bridge(iMX) is now in the progressive format. When the I2P function is enabled…

  • ADV7280A question


    I am very new to the Video topic so please excuse me for maybe trivial question. I would like to stream the analog video signal via WiFi to i.e Smartphone. I don't care much about resolution or frame per second etc.. Could you share with me if…

  • ADV7280A output


    I received questions about ADV7180A from my customer.

    Question 1) : Can we get a output signal like a attached file from ADV7280A when we input NTSC composite signal?

    Question 2) : Can you provide an information of ADV7280A like a Fig.38 and…

  • ADV7280A-M

    Will ADV7280A-M support 720p resolution ?

  • ADV7280A I2C Failure


    I'm using ADV7280A decoder. Following voltage is supplied : DVDDIO =3.3V , AVDD=DVDD=PVDD=1.8V.

    ALSB pin is grounded so slave address to write register is  hex(40).

    Reset sequence is done as follows :

    1) power down and reset is made zero for…

  • ADV7280A question


          I used adv7280a + imx.6 QNX system, when I disable I2P function, the video could be displayed on the LCD with even and odd field separated. But when I enable I2P, the LCD will display nothing,no matter in free run or connect a camera. I'm sure…

  • ADV7280A-M MIPI CSI2 output displaying green screen on Raspberry

    Dear community,


    I'm connecting ADV7280A-M eval board to Raspberry Pi 4 (OS: Raspbian 10, kernel version: Linux 5.10.23-v7l+).

    adv7180 driver is probed correctly:

    dmesg | grep adv71
    [    7.477240] adv7180 0-0021: chip found @ 0x21 …

  • ADV7280A to ADV7393 interfacing


     1)Regarding ADV7280A to ADV7393 interfacing through FPGA, kindly let me know what is the output format or standard of ADV7280A when used with I1P function and PAL 576i as input.Is it ITU-R BT.656 or ITU-R BT1362 or others.

    2)Also is it possible to…