• RE: Driver for ADV7280A in Linux Environment

    We need ADV7280A , not AD720A ,this documents are config in SPI, ADV7280A config  in I2C ,please give us right again, tks a lot!

  • ADV7280A adding delay to decoded video signals


    I'm using ADV7280A for decoding PAL video . When i'm connecting camera (camera A) output directly to monitor it gives no delay but at the same time when it is connected to ADV7280A i'm observing delay (decoded output connected to ADV7393 and then to…

  • ADV7280A to ADV7393 interfacing


     1)Regarding ADV7280A to ADV7393 interfacing through FPGA, kindly let me know what is the output format or standard of ADV7280A when used with I1P function and PAL 576i as input.Is it ITU-R BT.656 or ITU-R BT1362 or others.

    2)Also is it possible to…

  • ADV7280A LLC clock problem


    I'm using ADV7280A and ADV7393. I'm connecting ADV7280A output directly to ADV7393.

    I'm facing issue with LLC clock generated by ADV7280A. The following circuitry for crystal is used for XTAL inputs.

    1) I have observed the following…

  • ADV7280A-M Tx DPHY clock mode


    I'm trying to connect ADV7280A-M to CrossLink.

    I'd like to know if Tx DPHY clock mode on ADV7280A-M is continuous mode or not after exiting the power down mode.


  • RE: has anyone ported the ADV7280A-M to a Cypress CX3 MIPI controller?


    The ADV7280A-M is provided as a way for customers to test the capabilities of the ADV7280A-M not the Cypress CX3. Sorry I cannot provide you software or information on the Cypress CX3 as this is not an Analog Devices chip.

    I advise that you contact…

  • ADV7280A output


    I received questions about ADV7180A from my customer.

    Question 1) : Can we get a output signal like a attached file from ADV7280A when we input NTSC composite signal?

    Question 2) : Can you provide an information of ADV7280A like a Fig.38 and…

  • RE: Upgrading ADV7180 to ADV7182A or ADV7280A


    I believe, there is no upgrading from ADV7180 to ADV7280A document, Please refer https://www.analog.com/en/products/adv7280a.html#product-documentation
    For individual design refer IBIS model and schematic from the ADV7180 and ADV7280A design support…

  • Does ADV7280A support 2 pair Data output?

    Hi ADI Expert,

    Customer would like to use ADV7280A for CVBS to MIPI-CSI (1X2L), and need 2 data output for 2 Lane design, but ADV7280A only have 1 differential data, is there any recommend design for this condition?


  • About a specification of ADV7280A-M


    I'm checking the specifications of the ADV7280A-M in conjunction with the MIPI specifications.

    I have some questions about the electrical characteristics of the ADV7280A-M.


    What is the minimum value of the resistance of ZOLP(Output impedance…