• Cannot able to download EVAL software for ADV7280A

    I am unable to find DVP Eval Software for ADV7280A from Analog Device website. Kindly update the link in this thread.


  • Selecting oscillator ADV7280A-M

    I'm using ABM11-28.63636MHZ-D2X-T3 as the ADV7280A-M oscillator.
    Is this oscillator fit the device requirments?

  • EVAL-ADV7280A-M No I2C communication

    I am unable to read any of the ADV7280A-M registers using the DVP Eval software. My PC is connected to the board via USB and the board is powered up with D6 and D7 on.

    When I try to run one of the scripts I do not see any activity on the I2C clock line…

  • About the power sequence of the ADV7280A.

    I have a question about the power sequence of the ADV7280A
    The datasheet shows that power is supplied in the order of 3.3V and 1.8V, but as for 1.8V, is there any problem if DVDD, AVDD, MVDD, and PVDD are turned on at the same time?

    Also, are there any…

  • ADV7280A pixel wraparound issue


    I'm running the following scripts (the examples from Analog Devices as is) on the ADV7280A, and seeing a pixel wraparound issue. The last pixel value of the previous row is shifted to the first pixel of the next row, so I see a thin vertical column…

  • ADV7280A-M connected with mx8mplus via MIPI CSI-2


    we are using the ADV7280A-M eval board with i.mx8mplus.

    The i.mx8mplus can successfully receive interlaced and progessive video.

    However, there are problems when deinterlacing interlaced video with the i.mx8mplus.

    In this context, I noticed that…

  • ADV7280A-M input-output latency

    Dear community,

    We are trying to build an ultra-low-latency PAL/NTSC to digital converter.

    We took a look at your chip ADV7280A-M, but unfortunately, we were not able to determine the input-output latency for a single frame from the description or the…

  • ADV7280A-M video shaking problem

    I am using ADV7280A-M Evaluation Kit with Raspbery Pi 3 Card. Also I've download and used DVP Eval Interface GUI.

    My problem is the video shaking up and down.

    -I run the Free Run Mode with 576p and choose Boundary Test Pattern, and I've load a video…

  • EVAL-ADV7280A

    I need the DVP Eval Latest Source software 10-14-11. Can someone tell me where to download it from?
    Thanks Daniel

  • ADV7280A-M driver question


    I use ADV7280A-M evaluation board. In adv7180.c driver, format is set like:

    fmt->code = MEDIA_BUS_FMT_UYVY8_2X8;

    When I looked at adv7280a-m datasheet it says that "compatible with 8-bit ITU-R BT.656 YCrCb 4:2:2". Why MEDIA_BUS_FMT_UYVY8_1X16…