• video amplifier for ADV7280

    We are using the ADV7280 component on one of our products under development for the digitization of an analog video signal.
    The component input circuit requires the 24R and 51R (75R) resistors for impedance matching.
    This generates a significant current…

  • ADV7280 I2C Address not reading

    Hi there,


    We have designed a custom board with i.MX6DL and ADV7280. We have interfaced the ADV7280 and i.MX6DL using CSI interface. We have used only two analog camera inputs and the other two are left unconnected. We have connected +3.3V…

  • RE: ADV7280-M : iMX7D : Linux


    Im working with adv7280-m on iMX8M Mini , L5.4.70 ,

    Could you please tell me which driver you have used and dts structure also?

  • adv7280-m with mipi-csi in i.MX8M Mini

    Hi ,

    I am working on adv7280 -m video decoder with cvbs to mipi-csi interface on i.MX8 M Mini [ 5.4.70 kernel]

    Please help me in finding correct driver for this module, There is two driver under bsp 

    1. adv7180.c driver under drivers/media/i2c/ 

    2. adv7180…

  • Guide how to view video using ADV7280-M EVK


    Can you tell me what platform I can use to visualise the video output of ADV7280-M EVK please?

    Any guide or scripts which commands to use to have the video on the display are very wellcomed.

    I prefer to use AD control software to setup registers in…

  • How to detect Video Chip Model (ADV7280, ADV7280A-M and ADV7282A)?


    Is there a way to detect through I2C if the interface chip is ADV7280, ADV7280A-M orADV7282A?  I looked at the IDENT register however it was not useful.  Is there any other registers that uniquely identify the chip?



  • ADV7280-M MIPI-CSI2 clock missing

    Dear Experts,

    I'm currently bringing-up the driver of ADV7280-M for Nvidia Jetson Board using the existing driver (adv7180.c) within the Nvidia BSP (L4T BSP). I'm facing the similar symptom as described in the following ticket https://ez.analog…

  • Adv7280 i2c configuration


    I want to know that what is described In the adv7280 datasheet is the video with output In YCBCR4:2:2 format, but why is it described In the script as: "FAST Switch CVBS Single Ended In Ain1, YPrPb Out:"(VER4.5 mannul)

    The following…

  • Eval ADV7280-M MIPI-CSI connectors & cables

    Dear All,

    Could someone tell me what are the part numbers of the MIPI-CSI output mating connectors to ones used on the Eval ADV-7280-M board and the associated cables so that I could make an interfacing board similar as below, please?

    Thanks in advances…

  • Analog Camera interface with STM32 with ADV7280

    Hi, I am trying to integrate reverse parking camera with STM32. I am planning to use ADV7280 to convert analog data from camera to digital so I can connect it to DCMI of STM32. Please let me know if it will work or not? Also I have made rough connection diagram…