• RE: How to configure the 7280 register


      ADV7280 does not support MIPI video output. It is applicable only to ADV728x-M models.
     The register configuration can be done using the reference script files which is available at https://ez.analog.com/video/w/documents/708/adv7280-adv7280-m-design…

  • RE: ADV7280 Replacement


     As per expert comment "We can use the ADV7182 instead of the ADV7280. The ADV7182 is pin compatible with the ADV7280 but has a differential CVBS input. Using differential CVBS allows the ADV7182 to remove common-mode noise and makes it more robust…

  • RE: ADV7280M does not display Color Bar


    So you have two options.

    1) Use a PC to control the ADV7280-M evaluation board.

    The PC requires a program called "DVP EVAL" software. The guide on how to download and install this software should have been provided with your ADV7280-M evaluation…

  • (ADV7280)Can customer make 480i from ADV7280 data?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV7280.

    Our customer want to make 480i from ADV7280 480p data because they have some kind of limitation at their SoC.

    CVBS(480i) => ADV7280(I2P) => 480p 

    I know that ADV7280 is using line doubling .


  • ADV7280 / ADV7280-M Design Support Files

    This page contains the key support documents and configuration settings that a user of the ADV7280 or ADV7280-M requires.

    The ADV7280 is an SD Video Decoder that output digital video data in an 8-bit YCrCb format over a TTL link.

    The ADV7280-M is…

  • RE: ADV7280 kit How control the digital output data


    Do you have one of our evaluation boards for ADV7280?

    Are you using DVP EVAL LATEST SOURCE SOFTWARE to program the ADV7280?

    Are you using any specific script available at ADV7280 / ADV7280-M Design Support Files ?

    Best Regards,


  • RE: ADV7281-M EVB USB driver

    Please refer to the "ADV7280-M Installation guide Rev A.pdf" available here: ADV7280 / ADV7280-M Design Support Files 

    This will describe how to download the software for the ADV7280-M evaluation board.


    Robert Hinchy

    Senior Applications…

  • RE: ADV7280 - ALSB pin input leakage current.

    Never mind, I mistakenly ordered the ADV7280-M instead of just ADV7280.

  • RE: In what format are embedded syncs in ADV7280?


    Do you have one of our evaluation boards for ADV7280?

    We recommend that customers who are evaluating ADV7280/ADV7280-M purchase an evaluation board.

    Did you review the hardware manual and the recommended scripts? These files are available on the…