• ADV7280 / ADV7280-M Design Support Files

    This page contains the key support documents and configuration settings that a user of the ADV7280 or ADV7280-M requires.

    The ADV7280 is an SD Video Decoder that output digital video data in an 8-bit YCrCb format over a TTL link.

    The ADV7280-M is…

  • (ADV7280)Can customer make 480i from ADV7280 data?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV7280.

    Our customer want to make 480i from ADV7280 480p data because they have some kind of limitation at their SoC.

    CVBS(480i) => ADV7280(I2P) => 480p 

    I know that ADV7280 is using line doubling .


  • Adv7280 i2c configuration


    I want to know that what is described In the adv7280 datasheet is the video with output In YCBCR4:2:2 format, but why is it described In the script as: "FAST Switch CVBS Single Ended In Ain1, YPrPb Out:"(VER4.5 mannul)

    The following…

  • RE: ADV7280-M metadata disable

    Hello all,
    There is a patch that can be applied to solve the issue. Some of the filename paths can be different (it was the case for my R32.2.3 system), so be careful.


  • (ADV7280&ADV7480)Which format is ADV7280 using when 480p outputs?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV7280.

    Our customer want to connect ADV7280 => ADV7482 by 8bit TTL.


    When our customer use ADV7280 with no I2P (The data will be 480i), I think output standard will be BT.656.

    But there is no information when…

  • RE: ADV7280 MIPI output to Jetson Xavier


     In order to check your part program the ADV728x into free-run mode. In this mode the ADV728x ignore the analog video input and outputs a color bars test pattern. If the issue is no longer present then you know the issue is with the analog video source…

  • ADV7280 Replacement

    I am currently updating a design using ADV7280 and was notified that this part is not recommended for new designs. Do you have a drop-in or recommended replacement?

  • ADV7280 Problem

    We are working with the ADV7280 and have this decoder on a PCB and connected to NTSC camera.


    The problem we are trying to solve is we want to get both even and odd fields in a non-progressive mode into a single frame, one field followed by the other…

  • ADV7280

    ADV7280 CUST  ,slave address 0x56  ,DATASHEET have not  define  ,how to use this slave address correctly

  • ADV7280 drivers

    We are using the ADV7280M device in a new design. Currently we have a Freescale

    IMX6 SABRE SDB development board and the ADV7280-M Evaluation board. We have

    wired them together.

    i am looking for the complete I2C register map documentation which…