• ADV7189b abd ADV212 Interfacing Problem

    Hi all!

    I have made a Video Encoder board following the exact schematic as of P160 Evaluation Kit with the host-controller being a DSP rather than an FPGA. I have been able to configure ADV212 successfully and read back the application id (0xFF82). I…

  • ADV7189B to ADV7179 genlock problem

    Dear Sirs,

    prior to develop a special circuit, I'm trying to connect, back to back, one ADV7189B to a ADV7179. I do have problems to genlock the subcarrier. It's a PAL B application. With Extended Output Control (Bit1) = 1 on ADV7189 and MR22=1, MR21…

  • ADV7181C ADV7189B Spec

    Hi ,

    Can can this device handle input of 30 fps , 1253 x 875 (4:1) ,2:1 interlace .

    Color sub carrier frequency of 9.95Mhz .

    HSYNC  - 26.25 KHz.

    This is with regards to non standard is this device able to decode the incoming above video .

    The video…

  • Replacing ADV7189 by ADV7189B: VBI transparancy?


    We replaced the ADV7189 video decoder by the ADV7189B. Now the VBI data (teletext in PAL signal) on the SD output is not correct any more. Do we need to change particular register settings to make the decoder transparent to VBI data? Is there also…

  • ADV7189B LLC2 & 1 pin output on 28.63636MHz

    Hi anyone

    Could you please let us know an answer for our query?

    We designed a video hardware which used ADV7189B with X'tal 28.63636MHz.
    We turn on the hardware. After that, we observed the following outputs.

    LLC2 pin :14.3MHz
    LLC1 pin :28.63MHz

  • Use of ADV7189B to decode NTSC SDTV

    I am using the ADV7189B with NTSC input, and wondered whether there is a straightforward way of adjusting the start of vertical grabbing - I have a problem where there is black at the bottom of the image and missing data at the top. I have tried playing…

  • ADV7189B SFL to ADV7179 SCRESET/RTC  for Subcarrier Lock?

    Can ADV7189B SFL drive ADV7179 SCRESET/RTC for Subcarrier Lock?

    - Video ADV7189B decoder Pixel Data Out P9-P2 to ADV7179 encoder inputs P7-P0
    - Encoder Input SCRESET / RTC is connected to the output of the decoder SFL.
    - LLC1 output (output of 27 Mhz)…

  • RE: How to use adv212 in De-Interlaced mode

    Hi dave,

    Is there any luck?

    or Can you send setting of adv7189B?

    with regards

    J S Hyanki

  • ADV7189 to ADV7188 conversion


    Recently I got the following answers to my questions I sent to Herman Valkenaers (Field Application Engineer Benelux). Is 27MHz not supported by the ADV7188 (while the default frequency mentioned in the datasheet is still 27MHz)? Is this causing…

  • RE: The ADV7184 is exhibiting jitter


    We are using external memory but I don't know if we are using the 'Time

    Base Correction' feature. How do I determine that?

    I also looked at an earlier design with the ADV7189B and it has the same

    periodic frequency shift on LLC2…