• ADV7183B: Differences between ADV7183A and ADV7183B

    I have a customer who uses the ADV7183A video decoder and has just heard that
    this revision of the part is no longer recommended for new designs and is
    replaced by the ADV7183B part.

    Please can you tell me what the differences are and…
  • ADV7183B Question

    We have a customer using one of our older systems and it is having a problem with their video signal. Picture 20140430_153250… shows what the video should look like at the output of the system.  Output.jpg is what is coming out of the system.  The remaining…
  • ADV7183B & BF561 connect?

    I'm using BF561 + ADV7183B. How to connect ADV7183B's FIELD pin(PIN-80)?

    Ref the BF561-EZKIT BF561's PF3 connect with ADV7183B's FIELD pin. But in the example code(VisualDSP5.0\blackfin\examples\ADSP-BF561 EZKIT Lite\Video Input-Output (C)) PF3…

  • ADV7183B Gain operation

    Please confirm or comment on these ADV7183B questions:

    1. the manual luma gain scales the whole signal from sync tip to peak white?
    2. the brightness only adds a DC offset on top of black?
    3. the contrast only scales the video above black?
    4. If I have…
  • ADV7183B Decoder Test Patterns?

    It appears that the ADV7183B decoder is not capable of generating test patterns, such as color bars, internally. The only reference to internally generated patterns in the documentation is a solid color that can be generated when no input signal is present…

  • ADV7183B: Video noise on the output

    I am using the ADV7183B and am experiencing severe( > 20 mV) video noise on the
    output.  I suspect it may be related to the clamping circuit operating in a
    noisy environment.  When I remove the input and reinsert it, I can occasionally
  • ADV7183B not responding to I2C (NACK)

    So, I've been battling with this sucker for a while now and my project is being stalled because of it. I've set up I2C using an Arduino, and jerryrigged to a Digilent NEXYS2 Board with the VDEC1 attached through the 50-pin Hirose connector.

  • 2009-04-28 07:00:33     Problem ADV7183B Blackfin Cam

    2009-04-28 07:00:33     Problem ADV7183B Blackfin Cam

    Samuel Ayet (SPAIN)

    Message: 73352   


    I'm using a STAMP - BF537 with a ADV7183B daughter board to capture video from a composite video signal. I have selected the options in the config menu as…

  • 2009-12-09 07:28:27     Resolution problem with ADV7183B

    2009-12-09 07:28:27     Resolution problem with ADV7183B

    Massimo Savina (ITALY)

    Message: 83302   


    I'm developing an application based on BF548 and the decoder ADV7183B.

    I'm working on EZ-KIT Lite (BF548) with plugged in the BLACKFIN A-V EZ-EXTENDER…

  • 2008-03-26 09:33:24     frame capture with adv7183b

    2008-03-26 09:33:24     frame capture with adv7183b

    Bastien Briec (FRANCE)

    Message: 53053    Hi all, i use an ext-bf5xx-Video with a cm-bf537e from bluetechnix, and i would like to capture frames from a camera. I saw there where no driver for the 7183b so…