• [ADV7182A] Fast Lock and Power Down.


    I have a question about Fast lock and Power Down of ADV7182A.

    My customer will use ADV7182A for their Automotive application (Rear Camera).
    He is going to use ":FAST Switch CVBS Single Ended In Ain3, YPbPr Out:" in your script file.
    I summarized…

  • [ADV7182A] Relationship between 1.8V supply and PWRDWN pin on the POWER SUPPLY SEQUENCING.


    I have a question about power supply sequence of ADV7182A.
    I summarized the question to an attached file "Question_ADV7182A_PowerUp_sequence.xlsx".
    Please refer it.

    Thank you!
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  • (ADV7182A)How does ADV7182A move to Freerun mode?


    I have a question about ADV7182A.

    Regarding the condition for FREERUN MODE, the data sheet states that the input signal cannot be decoded.

    Please tell me a little more detailed condition.

    Is it migrating by looking at the state of IN_LOCK?

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  • (ADV7182A)ADV7182A Feedback Resistor XTAL


    Does ADV7182A has internal feedback resistor XTAL-pin?

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  • (ADV7182A)Supply current.


    Our customer want to know the maximum supply current.

    • Digital Input/Output Supply Current
    • PLL Supply Current
    • Analog Supply Current
    • Digital Supply Current

    Where can I find these value?

    ADV728x has Power supply requirements but I couldn't find ADV7182A…

  • (ADV7182A)Internal frequency

    Hi !

    Thank you for your support everyday.

    Could you please tell us how many times the operating frequency of this IC is raised internally?

    Our customer want to check the effect on EMC performance.
    ① When AD conversion is operating
    ② When AD conversion…

  • (ADV7182A) Change image darkness


    I got one question about ADV7182A.

    Is there any item other than Contrast(Address 0x08) and Brightness(address 0x0A) adjust that can set the darkness of white or black?

    Our customer want to adjust white to dark white(strong white) and black to dark…

  • ADV7182A progressive PAL input signal


    Does ADV7182A works with a progressive PAL input?

    In the datasheet is mentioned the interlaced mode but no mention to progressive input signal.



  • (ADV7182A and ADV7482) Unused analog input


    I have a question about ADV7182A and ADV7482A.

    At these thread, ADI answered to connect unused AIN to GND.




  • (ADV7182A)What are these scripts doing?


    We found these script at your evaluation board script.

    42 52 CD ; SE_CVBS AFE IBIAS
    42 9C 00 ; Reset Current Clamp Circuitry [step1]
    42 9C FF ; Reset Current Clamp Circuitry [step2]
    42 0E 00 ; Enter User Sub Map
    42 13 00 ; Enable ADV7182A for 28_63636MHz…