• ADV7182 Design Support Files

    This page contains the key support documents and configuration settings that a user of the ADV7182 requires.

    Attached and linked below are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7182 video decoder.

    We recommend that, if you download…

  • ADV7182 Datasheet Default Values

    Hello All,

    Unfortunately there are some mistakes in the ADV7182 rev C datasheets regarding the default value of some registers. These mistakes will be fixed in the next revision of the datasheet.

    • User Map register 0x11 (IDENT) has the default value of…
  • ADV7182 vsync issue

    I have a ADV7182A-M connected to a Raspberry PI 4 compute module on a custom board. The video in signal is NTSC from a cheap vehicle backup camera. I'm using the default kernel driver and V4L2 to capture images via yavta.

    The captured images seems…

  • [ADV7182/728x] Maximum Lock Time of ADV7182/728x with Fast Switch Mode script.

    I have a question about lock time of ADV728xA-M when we use Fast Switch Mode script.

    There are some thread about Fast Switch Mode script as follows:

  • ADV7123 loopback with ADV7182


    We have a scenario mentioned below

    • ADV7393 loopback to ADV7182 with Monochrome PAL video
      • ADV7182 status register reads
        • 0x10: 0x48 and 0x13: 0x4C [Interlaced and 50Hz]
    • ADV7123 loopback to ADV7182 with Monochrome PAL video
      • ADV7182 status register…
  • ADV7123 -> ADV7182 loop back

    Hi all,

    I am using ADV7393, ADV7123, ADV7182 in the following manner

    Case 1: ADV7393 -> ADV7182 loop back
    Giving PAL interlaced format to AD7393 which analog output is loopbacked to ADV7182 analog input

    Reading status registers of ADV7182
    0x10 = 0x48…

  • Digital Inputs voltage range of ADV7182A&ADV7182

    Below table and description are from ADV7182A datasheet.


    What is the difference between the maximum operationg conditions and the absolute maximum ratings in Table5 for Digital Inputs voltage of ADV7182A&ADV7182?

    Does any Digital Inputs voltage…

  • What is the ability of ADV7182 I2C pins to suppress spikes?

    I2C standard requires that spikes of 50 ns or shorter on SDA and SCL lines shall be suppressed in the fast mode of operation. 

    What is the ability of ADV7182 I2C pins to suppress spikes?

    If there is a spike of 50ns on SCL/SDA lines, will the I2C commu…

  • RE: ADV7182 - ADA4430

    R45 needs to be 75/2 = 37.5 Ohms.  Referring to Figure 93, the DAC output is driving into the 75 Ohm you see on the schematic plus the 75 Ohm at the sink.  So we have two 75 Ohm resistors in parallel.

    Other wise you can set Rset=4.12k and use a single DAC…