• [ADV7182] Resistor divider value of AIN pin of ADV7182 with differential CVBS.


    I have a question about resistor divider value of AIN pin of ADV7182 with differential CVBS.
    Please see attached file "ADV7182_diff_CVBS_question".

    Thank you.
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  • ADV7182 - ADA4430


    I use ADV7193 video encoder with ADA4430. ADA4430 output is connected to ADV7182. I generate color bar with ADV7391 and capture it with ADV7182. ADA4430 output is circutry is designed as shown in the datasheet (http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical…

  • ADV7182 I2C issues


    ADV7182 is connected to microcontroller using I2C, ADV is getting programmed when step by step execution is made, and not getting programmed when it is run as a whole, we have also put delays upto 100ms between every register configuration lines…

  • ADV7182 Register Issues


    I am trying to program ADV7182, and and I have found some contradictory data in couple of documents, Contradiction between ADV's datasheet and ADV's RSD [Recommended setting document].

    For Ex:

    1.   According to RSD register 0x13 is used to…

  • ADV7182 ACE issue

    I am trying to use ACE (Adaptive Contrast Enhancement) feature of ADV7182 by setting (enabling) register 0x80[7], but looks this action doesn't make any change on output video. does anybody is avaialble to help on this issue? Thanks

  • ADV7182 Design Support Files

    This page contains the key support documents and configuration settings that a user of the ADV7182 requires.

    Attached and linked below are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7182 video decoder.

    We recommend that, if you…

  • ADV7182 Interlaced to Progressive


    I'm currently using PAL, Interlaced Analog camera whose signal which is being fed to ADV7182, ADV7182 is connected to an encoder which encodes progressive video only, is there a way to convert Interlaced Video to Progressive inside ADV7182.

  • ADV7182 Datasheet Default Values

    Hello All,

    Unfortunately there are some mistakes in the ADV7182 rev C datasheets regarding the default value of some registers. These mistakes will be fixed in the next revision of the datasheet.

    • User Map register 0x11 (IDENT) has the default value…
  • ADV7182 Register Issues


    I am facing a register issue, i.e. In 0x6B "Output Sync Select 2" register, when 0x12 is written i.e. when Field Sync is selected VSYNC is outputted on the VS pin and vice versa, We are currently running Freerun mode in NTSC standard @ 30fps. Please…