• RE: ADV7181C CP configuration in DDR mode


      When using custom board, Please ensure with below things ,

          1. Please refer this FAQ when using external oscillator How Do I Use an External Oscillator to Clock the ADV728x ?

          2. FPGA clock outputs are not very stable or accurate.  This can cause…

  • RE: ADV7181C IC Programming User guide


      ADV7181C SDP synchronization registers are mentioned in Page129 (8.15 SDP Synchronization Output Signals) at ADV7181C manual

     According to the section 9.1.1 , LLC2 signal is useful for LLC2 compatible wide bus (20-bit) output modes. since you are…

  • RE: ADV7181C CP configuration for PAL square pixel RGB


    I managed to get it to work with a custom configuration. I was already looking into the registers that  mentioned, it reassured me that I was on the right track.

    The first part of the configuration resemble to the many example anybody…

  • ADV7181C status


    Refering to Read First: Design Support Files Overview, it appears that ADV7181C is not recommended for new designs.

    But there is not such indication in the ADV7181C web site http://www.analog.com/en/products/audio-video/video-decoders/adv7181c…

  • ADV7181C

    We are using VGA.  I have the sources RGB going into the chip per your note.  We have the VGA HS and VS inputs going into pins 55 (HS) and 56 (VS).  Is there any way to get the output in sync with them? The main problem is that the input sync and the output…

  • ADV7181C

    Trying to use ADV7181C in the same manner as the ADV7181B.  I poked around on EngineerZone, and I found a scripts for the ADV7181C here:


    However, the code to setup the ADV7181B was modified from the original in the…

  • ADV7181C timing

    I am working on a design that uses the ADV7181C to receive XGA video (1024x768 @ 60 Hz). The digitized data is being sent to an FPGA for processing using the 12-bit 4:4:4 DDR format. Looking at the timing information in the datasheet, at the XGA clock…

  • adv7181c


        If adv7181c support for 1080p component video standards? And are there any others video decoder devices which support for 1080p component video standards?

  • ADV7181C

    Hello there,

    I have a question I am planning to use the Video decoder ADV7181C for capturing
    analog RGB video up to WXGA+ 1440x900@60Hz resolution.

    I checked the datasheet of ADV7181C and I think it can support 1440x900@60Hz
    resolution, but I am not…

  • ADV7181C


    We are using video decoder ADV7181C in our custom is there any issue with it as it is in list of not recommended for new design.

    regards ,

    ravi kiran