• image and video processing

    hello,i hope you are doing well,i'm mustapha student of electronics , and i have a  a  project to do it's about image and video processing,i use the decoder adv7181b, i have configure all registers via i2c but i don't understand where i will find…
  • RE: Migrating to ADV7181C

    Is there a document or any information on migrating a design from the ADV7181B to the ADV7181C or D?  I need to know the scope of engineering work required to replace the ADV7181B with the C or D in a new design.   Is it a drop in replacement hardware wise…



    Please check whether the following threads are helpful to you

    ADV7181C - NTSC Square Pixel Output 

    ADV7181B RGB 4:4:4 640 x 480i configuration 

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  • 2009-03-03 09:26:11     The problem about the V4L_test

    2009-03-03 09:26:11     The problem about the V4L_test

    bin zhang (CHINA)

    Message: 70289   


    We use ADV7181B and CCD camera to do the capture task.

    Our system's boot information about the ADV7181B is here:

    root:~> modprobe blackfin-cam


  • ADV7181C

    Trying to use ADV7181C in the same manner as the ADV7181B.  I poked around on EngineerZone, and I found a scripts for the ADV7181C here:


    However, the code to setup the ADV7181B was modified from the original in the…

  • RE: Split screen observed with PAL-M standard on composite input on ADV7181

    Which part are you using? ADV7181(obsolete) or ADV7181B (obsolete) or ADV7181C or ADV7181D

    Which standards are you allowing?

    Other things to try:

    1) Disable SECAM auto-detection

    2) Enable PAL-M auto-detection

  • RE: Colr bleeding issue

    Hi Fayaz,

    I was not able to open that file.

    Can you please send on a text file showing the writes you are sending to the ADV7181.

    Can you also please confirm, most importantly, what version of the ADV7181 you are using - ADV7181B, ADV7181C or ADV7181D…

  • The problem about blackfin_cam.c


    We use ADV7181B and CCD camera to do the capture task.

    But , now we have a problem.

    In function of bcap_open()

    bottom_buffer = (unsigned char *)0x1000;

    CONFIG_BOOT_LOAD also is 0x1000;


    if ((bottom_buffer == (unsigned char *)0x1000) &…

  • RE: Delay in getting the first frame


    I encountered the same problem as mentioned in "Delay in getting the first frame", The URL is " http://ez.analog.com/thread/5309 ". In my application, I want to quickly switch the video input channel. The video decoder is adv7181b…
  • 2010-11-25 00:58:05     ffmpeg linux problem

    2010-11-25 00:58:05     ffmpeg linux problem

    haiqing cao (CHINA)

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    root:/> ffmpeg -f video4linux -r 10.0 -s 720x288 -i /dev/video0 -qscale 6 -f mjp

    eg foo

    FFmpeg version UNKNOWN, Copyright (c) 2000-2007 Fabrice Bellard, et al.