• adv7180 sfl_lock and video is distorted after interfacing adv7180 with adv7391


    I am interfacing adv7180 video decoder with video encoder adv7391 through FPGA, i configured decoder and encoder as per attached doc1. and connected all the signal coming from decoder to encoder through FPGA.I applied PAL camera output to video…

  • RE: ADV7180 valid input


    Can I know whether we can use INST_HLOCK bit to check whether the  ADV7181C IC  has valid input?



  • ADV7180 application

    Hi ,

    I have seen the linux code for adv7180 in github. Can somebody give an application code to invoke those drivers?




  • ADV7180 Problems

    Dear ADI Video Team,

    We are using ADV7180WBCP32Z to digitize a PAL video. Every now and then, the digitized video loses synchronization and it gets stuck in that case for duration. Please check the attached images. The output of ADV7180 is shown on t…

  • ADV7180 failures

    I'm using an ADV7180 (32 pin package) to digitize a black and white NTSC signal. 

    On 2 out of 2 test PCBs the digitizer has failed and taken an FPGA and RAM chip with it.  The chip gets incredibly hot.  The spec sheet calls for a thermal pad under…

  • ADV7180


    I am using the ADV7180 in combination with the Epson graphic Controller S1D13719 and a TFT 320x240 color display. Unfortunately I only get a black/white screen on the display. But the test colors (Register 0x0D) from the ADV7180 are correct on the…

  • ADV7180


    I am  using ADV7180 in a video capture project.

    My cammera`s output is PAL 720*544 which  i want to connect  to ADV7180.

    I connect ADV7180 chip  to Xilinx Spartan3 FPGA and  program its registers via I2C.

    i have a problem when i connect my cammera…

  • ADV7180

    Hi, we are using ADV7180.
    It seems that ADV7180 has some gain.
    Please let me know the reason why ADV7180 has any gain, if the following contents of the resisters are incorrect.
    My understanding is that we usually use ADV7180 with no gain.

    We are setting…

  • ADV7180


    The customer try to use ADV7180. But the output image is not good.

    The issue seems to come from that the camera output 648x486 though they want 640x480.

    Then the image was scrolling. It seems there are too many Horizontal Synchronization Output…

  • ADV7180 inputs

    Can the ADV7180 support ITU-R BT.601. I know the ADV7180 encoder the input analog signal into a ITU-R BT.656 output. Not sure if when the device supports ITU-R BT.656 it will inherently support ITU-R BT.601 since it’s just a black and white picture.