• RE: ADV7180 valid input


    Can I know whether we can use INST_HLOCK bit to check whether the  ADV7181C IC  has valid input?



  • Get video simultaneously from 3 cameras using ADV7180. Possible ?


    In my company, we are developing a video security system using 3 analog cameras, so we decided to use ADV7180 (40 pin version).

    The three analog video inputs are multiplexed, so we wonder if we can get the video from the 3 cameras simultaneously. O…

  • ADV7180 and ADV7391 image moves out of screen area?

    Hello there. I have an NTSC format monitor with RGB+Csync input. For this I am making a video application with ADV7180 and ADV7391. I am receiving the ntsc cvbs signals that I enter into the ADV7180 as R-G-B from the ADV7391. I get csync by entering the…

  • RE: ADV7180 Application with 3 CVBS Inputs


    ADI does not make a device with multiple active decoders.

    Please note that There are other devices out there with multiple decoders targeted to the video surveillance market.  They can decode multiple NTSC signals but output them on a single compressed…

  • Querries in configuring ADV7180 decoder

    I am Using ADV 7180 Video decoder with PAL as input source and ADV 7391 as encoder, I have trouble with the length of hsync of decoder. The hsync length of the encoder is 1728 which is the length of the line but the hsync length of decoder is 1622.we…

  • customer board with adv7180 display not clear than customer's competitor

    Dear Expert,

    My customer now use adv7180 for CVBS input.

    Now face a display tune issue as below:

    Customer feedback,when use same input sginal(same Camera) ,customer board(using adv7180) show picture as below:


    And customer competitor's picture as below…



    In our project, ADV7180 is used as three channels CVBS signal input, and the decoder is RK3288 with andriod 7.1 system; 

    now,we can display the video clearly, but the red and blue color are displayed invertedly

    could you pls tell me whitch register of…

  • RE: Getting black pixels on the right and the left of image on ADV7180 output


      Please configure the register according to the Table 66 for PAL in ADV7180 datasheet and let us know the result.

      Please note that If the part really is putting out black frames, you should be able to see it on the bus and you probably should see…

  • What are the replacements for the ADV7180 and ADV212

    Our current design uses the ADV7180 along with the ADV212.

    The product pages for both the ADV7180 and ADV212 indicate "Not Recommended for New Designs"

    What are the recommended replacements to support JPEG2000?

  • ADV7180 三路CVBS输入时的使用问题