• RE: ADV7179 Recommended Replacement


      Please use ADV734x DAC & refer the respective manuals, script at https://ez.analog.com/video/w/documents/802/adv734x-design-support-files

      Note:  ADV739x is "Not Recommended for New Designs" .



  • ADV7179: Connections

    Why does the diagram in Fig 19 (RTC timing and connections) on page 17 of the
    ADV7179 datasheet not show any connection to the HSYNC and FIELD/VSYNC pins?


    The diagram in Fig 19 (RTC timing and connections) on page 17 of the ADV7179
  • ADV7179 Teletext Example

    Besides the datasheet, is there any further documentation related to, or examples of, using teletext with ADV7179?


    HI All,

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    I was facing issue with ADV7179 encoder(Some colors are missing,when we enable bar pattern.)

    Input clock frequency to ADV7179 - 27MHz from FPGA.

    Voltage levels are proper,Ref voltage to ADV7179 - 1.22V.

    I am getting all the I2C read ack when…

  • ADV7179 IBIS Data

    I look for IBIS data of ADV7179(Encoder).
    Are you found if you go to wherever?

  • ADV7179 reset and I2C

    We are having occasional trouble with the ADV7179 not being ready for I2C commands at power up. I suspect it has to do with how we reset the part.

    Does the 27 MHz clock have to be present before the falling edge of reset? If so, how much time? Can it…

  • ADV7189B to ADV7179 genlock problem

    Dear Sirs,

    prior to develop a special circuit, I'm trying to connect, back to back, one ADV7189B to a ADV7179. I do have problems to genlock the subcarrier. It's a PAL B application. With Extended Output Control (Bit1) = 1 on ADV7189 and MR22=1, MR21…

  • ADV7174 / ADV7179 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7174 / ADV7179 video encoders.


    File Content
    ADV7174 Product Page Link to ADV7174…
  • ADV7179 giving mono output


    We are using the ADV 7179 in NTSC square pixel mode, with a 24.5454 MHz clock. The output is displayed only in black and white, even when using the internal color bar test pattern.

    We are in mode 0 slave option, using DAC A CVBS output, and our…

  • ADV7179 Display Two Images


    We encountered the following problems in developing our product; could you help take a look, please?

    The HDMI signal output by Hisilicon SOC is transmitted to ADV7604 and converted to BT656, and then input to ADV7179 and converted to CVBS signal…