• ADV7171 evaluation board

    I found 2 part number about ADV7171 EVB: ADV7171A-DBRD is now in production and
    EVAL-ADV7171EB is obsolete.
    but there is only the datasheet of obsolescence in the website. so could you
    please share some information about the ADV7171A-DBRD…
  • ADV7171 encoder

    We have a CCA design which is 8 years old using the ADV7171 encoder which is all of a sudden showing problems during I2C configuration at hot temperatures. The problem seems to happen during configuration of the subcarrier frequency registers. The I2C…

  • ADV7171 timing question

    Looking in the data sheet @ figure 44 (page 35, timing register 1).  I see most of the settings are dependent upon Tpclk.  I can't find anywhere in the data sheet where Tpclk is defined.  Assuming it's the pixel clock, the settings for Vsync pulsewidth…

  • ADV7171评估板

    我发现ADV7171 EVB有两个产品型号:ADV7171A-DBRD现已量产,而EVAL-ADV7171EB已停产。


  • ADV7171 no color

    I cannot get a color output from the device.  We are only using DAC-A to provide an NTSC output.  I've tried all the register settings and nothing seems to give any chroma output.  Can you recommend settings?  I am using slave mode 2 for timing.

  • ADV7171 Data Issues?

    At http://ez.analog.com/thread/6306?tstart=0 I've describe "ADV7171 video output sync issues".

    At http://ez.analog.com/thread/6307 I've described "ADV7171 fuzzy output issue".

    Now I'm wondering if it's all just a DATA issue…

  • Color issue with ADV7171

    Hello people,

    I am currently working with the ADV7171 video encoder, and until now I was managing to make it work for my needs, that was only monochrome images.

    The problem is that now I need to make a color map to this image, and show it coloured.…

  • Questions on the ADV7171

    I have  the following questions regarding the ADV7171

    1. Is there a noise and  ripple specification for the VAA power supply?

    2. Should a linear  regulator be used for VAA?

    3. Is there a reference  design schematic for the ADV7171?

    4. Should an output…

  • ADV7171 color bar generator problem

    Hello, I have an ADV7171 that I'm trying to get to work and haven't succeeded so far. I decided to test it using the built-in color bar generator before feeding it data, but the DAC doesn't generate anything meaningful. I've compiled a few schematics…

  • ADV7171 Output level

    Hello all,

    We input data 0 to ADV7171KSUZ.
    Output NTSC waveform has been measured by oscilloscope.
    Value of brightness signal after Back porch  is lower than value of back porch and front porch (0IRE).
    We think that  brightness is higher value than 0IRE on…