• ADV7123

    Hi there, the Engineer of ADI, I have a problem with ADV7123.

    The chip use a pair of complementary pins to output RGB, like IOR+/IOR-.I know that if want to transmit video by single cable, I need to tie IOR- to ground and use IOR+ to drive double 75 ternimal…

  • ADV7123: WUXGA

    I have a question about ADV7123(240MHz).

    Does ADV7123 support WUXGA(1920*1200 60Hz)?



  • ADV7123

    I have one color video signal (RGB 24 bits) and another monochrome video signal (8 bits).
    I want to obtain a PAL video signal from each of these signals. I am using the ADV7123 DAC, and the AD723 encoder.
  • ADV7123 - REF

    This question was originally posted in the FAQ/Documents section by .  I am moving it to a discussion thread here.


    I am trying to operate the part with internal VREF, but it does not work.

    it works only with external verf.

    can you please…

  • ADV7123 output

    Hi ,

    To output Full HD ADV7123KSTZ 140 has to output 37.125Mhz does the device output .

    If so the output signal degrades ,where can find information with regards to output frequency characteristics  .

    From the data sheet we find discription with regards…

  • ADV7123 video flicker


    We are having problem of Color and Flickering issue on VGA display. ADV7123 chip get RGB data and convert into analog data.


    We have tried different Horizontal and Vertical timing to remove the flicker but the flicker either increase or decrease…

  • ADV7123 or ADV7343

    Dear FAE,

    We are examining a low power digital to analog video

    Inputs are digital RGB 8-8-8 and outputs should be analog
    RGB, resolution is SD.

    Is there other differences beside the resolution between
    those 2 products?

    will the ADV7123 answer…

  • ADV7123 analog delays

    I have a few questions about the ADV7123 and its analog delays:

    a.  According to the datasheet, the analog output becomes valid 8ns (t6+t7/2 = 7.5+1/2ns @3V3) after the corresponding data input is clocked in. Therefore, when the IC is used at max speed (330MHz…

  • Composite output with ADV7123

    I'm looking at using ADV7123 to generate a composite output. On FPGA, I have a NTSC encoder which outputs a clock and 10-bit data. I'm thinking to connect the output of NTSC encoder to one channel of ADV7123 and use the corresponding analog channel to…

  • ADV7123 Interlaced support


    I'm looking at using ADV7123 to generate a RGB interlaced format of resolution 720x576 and input it to AD725 encoder to display the output on TV monitor.

    Will ADV7123 accept interlaced RGB input, What should be the BLANK and SYNC signal values…