• Can ADV7123 supports analog YPbPr output

    I use AD9983A + ADV7123 to construct a analog-to-analog design, the AD9983A outputs 4:4:4 digital to the digital input of ADV7123.

    When AD9983A connects into a  VGA sources, the ADV7123 outputs the VGA analog output normal.

    But when AD9983A connects…

  • ADV7123: WUXGA

    I have a question about ADV7123(240MHz).

    Does ADV7123 support WUXGA(1920*1200 60Hz)?



  • ADV7123

    I have one color video signal (RGB 24 bits) and another monochrome video signal (8 bits).
    I want to obtain a PAL video signal from each of these signals. I am using the ADV7123 DAC, and the AD723 encoder.
  • RE: AD725 colour problem

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the reply.

    From the provided link I understood that the issue is due to the voltage level of RGB signals. In my  case the RGB signals are the output of ADV7123 and the voltage levels are 1.7V to 2.5V. (In datasheet of ADV7123 the…

  • Composite output with ADV7123

    I'm looking at using ADV7123 to generate a composite output. On FPGA, I have a NTSC encoder which outputs a clock and 10-bit data. I'm thinking to connect the output of NTSC encoder to one channel of ADV7123 and use the corresponding analog channel to…

  • RE: TxDAC for video application

    This is not a problem at all, I've done it with ADV7127 or ADV7123.

  • RE: Color bars are observed on  monitor/TV, when ADV7194 is configured for square pixel mode operation.

    Thanks for the reply Dave.

    In out board we have ADV7123 also. We gave the same video to that and it is showing object dimensions properly and we checked the same on different monitors/ TVs, still it is same ( for ADV7194 object dimensions are not proper…

  • RE: ADV7123 video flicker

    Have you verified the output waveform from the DACs have the correct amplitude and are noise free?

    Are we really talking about the ADV7123?  The ADV7123 does not have a DE input.  It is just a triple DAC with sync and blanking inserted into the output…

  • RE: Does the ADV7343 support VGA/XGA ?


    The ADV7343 does support CVBS-PAL and RGB with PAL.However, it does not support VGA or XGA timing. We would recommend using a video DAC such as the ADV7123 for VGA and XGA. The ADV7123 could not handle CVBS out though.