• How to write/read EDID data to ADV3002 EDID SRAM


    Regarding ADV3002 SRAM, I  have questions.

    I tried to write/read EDID to ADV3002 EDID SRAM on ADV3002 eval board by using ADV3002 Evaluation Software (v0.4).

    EDID data is ADV3002_ES2.edid.

    I operated the following method written in ADV3002 Eval…

  • ADV3002  schematics

    Have ADV3002  typical application schematics or  evaluation board ADV3002-EVALZ schematics?



  • ADV3002 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV3002 HDMI multiplexer device.

    We recommend if you download and use these documents that you subscribe to EMail notifications for either the entire forum or at…

  • ADV3002


    the ADV3002 datasheet has Rev. B noted in the revision history replacing  all references to 3Gbps with 2.25Gbps. In the specification section it states 2.25Gbps as being the minimum it can operate at whereas in the 'theory of operation' section it…

  • RE: ADV3002 EDID reply


    Can you please confirm that DVI Output A connected to ADV3002 B Port is working correctly?

    For the connection through ADV3002 C port:

    1.) Can you take a scope shot of the DDC signal on the ADV3002 C Port, ADV3002 B Port, and the DDC Com port…

  • RE: CEC Connection in ADV3002 EVB


    The ADV3002 evaluation board provides a jumper for the CEC signal. It is only in place to provide flexibility for the user. They may not want to buffer the CEC signal with the ADV3002 during evaluation so the option has been provided to bypass the…

  • RE: ADV3002 EDID replicator feature, only responds to selected input

    Also, once the ADV3002 EDID is working, you are going to have to make sure there is not a separate EDID on the ADV3002 output, otherwise there will be potential DDC bus conflicts.

  • RE: ADV3002 EDID question

    Dear Jarrod.

    Please kindly reference on below about ADV3002 in Projector BD. Please let us know is OK or not. We don't need use ADV3002 internal EDID RAM. Thanks for Help.

  • RE: ADV3002 HDMI switch query

    Hi Ching,

    The ADV3002 is an asynchronous mux and as such the residual jitter degrades only slightly at higher datarates above 2.25Gbps.  Please refer to Figure 13 on page 10 of the ADV3002 datasheet.  Nevertheless, full HDMI compliance requires the system…

  • RE: When ADV3003 is connected  PC does not boot

    I forwarded this question to the ADV3002 expert.