Hi, I'm a DFAE, my customer need a example code for ADV3002-EVALZ. Would you give me a example code for it? Thanks!

  • ADV3002


    the ADV3002 datasheet has Rev. B noted in the revision history replacing  all references to 3Gbps with 2.25Gbps. In the specification section it states 2.25Gbps as being the minimum it can operate at whereas in the 'theory of operation' section it…

  • ADV3002  schematics

    Have ADV3002  typical application schematics or  evaluation board ADV3002-EVALZ schematics?



  • ADV3002 LOS Threshold

    ADV3002, internal Register 0x07, Loss of Signal Detect Control, has 4 settings for "LOS Threshold". Does anyone know what the cutoff is for the 4 different settings? or a description of how this setting performs?

  • ADV3002 EDID reply

    Hello all,

    ADV3002 is connected as below.

    When we select B port, can we do that IC does not reply EDID in the case of EDIDrequest on DDC line



      [DVI output A]-----[Bport  ADV3002]------[ Display (EDID)]

      [DVI output B]-----[Cport ADV3002…

  • ADV3002 EDID question

    Dear Sir.

    We have Projector Project used ADV3002 and using external EDID EEPROM before ADV3002 on each DDCI2C(A.B.C.D). we need to know Is this architecture is ok or not? We Do not use the IC internal RAM.

  • ADV3002 in KVM

    I am trying to design an advanced KVM and the ADV3002 looks very interesting except for the 1920x1080 limitation.

    In a previous app note I saw mention of using 2 AD8191's to achieve dual link for higher resolutions. Id like to know if the ADV3002 can…

  • CEC Connection in ADV3002 EVB


    For CEC line connection in ADV3002 EVB, there are 2 connection types.

    1) Connect 4 cec lines of each HDMI input connector, and directly connect this common CEC line to CEC output.

    2) Connect 4 cec lines of each HDMI input connector, and connect…

  • ADV3002, Audio Problem

    We have a design that uses the ADV3002 to select one of three HDMI sources.  Sometimes when we switch between the sources the audio goes away.  The video seems fine.  We are running all sources at 720p60Hz.  We are using the external select lines.  I've not…

  • ADV3002 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV3002 HDMI multiplexer device.

    We recommend if you download and use these documents that you subscribe to EMail notifications for either the entire forum or at…