• ADV212 Boundary Scan


    I need to test some board with ADV212 inside (ADV212BBCZ-150); in the page of the features there is: JTAG/boundary scan support but I cannot find the bsdl file; may someone help me?

    Thank you for all the answers.

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  • ADV212 Firmware Download


    I looking at a design from several years ago using the ADV-212.  I was trying to download the latest firmware from the links below but was not able to access it.  

     ADV212 Design Support Files 


  • ADV212: Functionality

    Can ctm use same application note for ADV212 as for ADV202 (AN799) ?

    When ctm is trying to do DMA transfer to FPGA, the load of firmwire to circuit
    is going ok, no problem but f.e.
    DREG signal is staying up even though it should go down.

  • Can I reduce ADV212 Output Current Drive?

    Hyperlinx simulation with ADV212 IBIS model shows excessive ringing on ADV212 output. Is there a way to reduce the drive strength of ADV212 outputs? Thanks!

  • ADV212 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV212 JPEG2000 Codec

    You can download zipped file collections.

    We recommend that, if you download and use these documents, you subscribe to EMail notifications for…

  • ADV212: Encoding and decoding of HD video

    Have Analog Devices ever successfully performed encoding and decoding of HD
    video using 2 ADV212s?
    If so, do you also know:
    - what HD formats were used?
    - what frame / data rates were achieved?
    - was the method for merging the compressed…

  • Is the adv212 bug right?

    hello sir (I'm korea engineer)

    I usually use adv212 jpeg2000 ic 

    nowaday I found a really really strange phenomenon.

    and my adv212 system is below (32bits normal host mode)

    Turning on the ADV212 FPGA system and then ADV212 interrupt signal is normal…

  • what's the mechanism of zero-padding under the adv212 encode mode

    i am using adv212 for gray picture comressing, set the DMA burst size is 32x32bit,  there is a EOC flag(0xFFD9) at the end of compressed data, sometimes i may find the 0x00000000 behind the EOC. I notice that in the programmed guide, it is called zero-padding…

  • the input problem of adv212


     I had some problems when using VDATA input,I chose to theYUV422 mode.I get the wrong image, I find that I use R instead of Y,G instead of CB,B instead of CR,I got the right image.I don't know why.Thank you for your help.