• ADV202 output

    When I use ADV202 for JEPG200 compression, the bus size is 32-bit, sometime the

    output is a fixed four-byte data like 0xff77be7, 0xff77fbe2, 0xff7ffbe3. Can

    you figure out the possible reason for that?

    Sometimes the output is a fixed four-byte data…

  • How to use ADV202


    I have 2 issues for use of ADV202.

    1. What is the minimum size of 1 macro block in ADV202 ?

       Generally, i think it is 8x8,. 16x16.

       (ex) image size is 2000 x 3000. Can ADV202 encode this image correctly ?

    2. Can i encode image not to use a firmware…

  • Encode problems in ADV202

    I am tring to encode mono-chrome image (640x480 pixels) when input is RAW mode and output is single transfer DREQ/ACK DMA mode in ADV202.
    I have 2 problems.

    1. VRDY becomes '0' at 305718bytes when i input pixel until 640x480=307200bytes
       Is the…

  • ADV202/212 compatibility

    Hi. I have a legacy design which uses the ADV202. This is now NRND and the web-site for the ADV202 specifies the ADV212 as a direct replacement. I imagine the footprint and functionality are equivalent (as stated) but if I swap to the ADV212 will the…

  • ADV202 jdata raw/custom


    We wanna to use adv202  jdate output to encode still image . But this mode is not compatible with the raw mode. So сan we use the same input and settings for the frame to get the same result?





  • Enquiry of ADV202

    Please kindly be advised that the problem was occurred in our product using your product of ADV202. So, please give us your reply on the following issue immediately.


    Compressed data may not be output by the signal to be supplied to the

  • ADV202 "DREQ / DACK read test"

    Would you mind to help me. Is there a timeline for the "DREQ / DACK read test" from  page 6, c.17, AN799_TestModes.pdf for ADV202?
    I.e. should I expect from ADV to send only one DREQ pulse or a pulse train?

  • Interfacing ADV7611 to ADV202


    i want to interface ADV7611 output signal to ADV202 for JPEG2000 compression. ADV7611 has multiplexed VSYNC/FIELD/ALSB pin, but ADV202 requires separate VSYNC and FIELD signals. how to interface these signal physically. pl. advice



  • Encoding with ADV202/212


    I'm currently using the ADV202 to encode images. I'm using tha Kakadu software for playing bak the encoded images. My input  image contains Chinese characters and while playing back the image, the characters look blurry. Is there any suggested…

  • adv202: Buffer data from two cameras

    Can I buffer data from two cameras and send to adv2x2 with 2xspeed (2x27MHz /
    8bit), can one adv2x2 process these data?


    The input format to the ADV2xx devices is expected to be CCIR656, PAL, NTSC,
    SMPTE274M(1080i) or SMPTE296(720p)…