• ADV202 Encoder output file not open

    The firmware file is encode_2_13_0.sea

    ADV202(PLL_HI) = 0x0008;
    ADV202(PLL_LO) = 0x0004;
    delay_msec(1);         // Wait for 20us to allow PLL to settle.

    ADV202(BOOT) = 0x008A; // BOOT >> Initiate a reboot to no boot mode
    ADV202(BMODE) =…

  • ADV202 is not being captured

    I am using 32bit normal host mode to receive compressed data.

    I tested Register Test Procedure(ref. AN-799 Application note)

    void InitADV202(void)
    volatile unsigned int i;

    ADV202(PLL_HI) = 0x0008;
    ADV202(PLL_LO) = 0x0004;
    delay_msec(1);          // Wait for…

  • RE: Decoding (possible) ADV202 generated stream with software

      I believe only its possible,A single ADV202 can be in either Encode or Decode mode depending on what firmware the user has loaded into the device. An ADV202 can not change from Encode mode to Decode mode unless new firmware is loaded into the chip…

  • ADV202/212 compatibility

    Hi. I have a legacy design which uses the ADV202. This is now NRND and the web-site for the ADV202 specifies the ADV212 as a direct replacement. I imagine the footprint and functionality are equivalent (as stated) but if I swap to the ADV212 will the…

  • How to use ADV202


    I have 2 issues for use of ADV202.

    1. What is the minimum size of 1 macro block in ADV202 ?

       Generally, i think it is 8x8,. 16x16.

       (ex) image size is 2000 x 3000. Can ADV202 encode this image correctly ?

    2. Can i encode image not to use a firmware…

  • Enquiry of ADV202

    Please kindly be advised that the problem was occurred in our product using your product of ADV202. So, please give us your reply on the following issue immediately.


    Compressed data may not be output by the signal to be supplied to the

  • ADV202 output

    When I use ADV202 for JEPG200 compression, the bus size is 32-bit, sometime the

    output is a fixed four-byte data like 0xff77be7, 0xff77fbe2, 0xff7ffbe3. Can

    you figure out the possible reason for that?

    Sometimes the output is a fixed four-byte data…

  • RE: ADV212 MPEG2-TS JPEG2000

    I noticed you have been calling the ADV202/ADV212 header, the ADI header.   It is not called the ADI header in the "ADV202 Output Formats and Attribute Data Format" document.   Just curious where ADI came from and what it stands for.


  • RE: ADV212 Decode Output

    Hello Dave,

    I was going by the ADV202 HIPI Technical note for the programming protocol. But, I do see in the ADV202 Programming Guide that the parameters between the modes are very different. I'll look into it more carefully.

    Thanks for your help…

  • RE: About the ADV212's  compressed code stream


    I find another question that FFMODE register@0xFFFF1418 of ADV202 is reserved in ADV212,now my code is written as  "ADV202 HIPI mode",  so will this contribute to the zero of output code stream?

    And i can not find the AP note"ADV212…