• RE: About using ADUX 1020

    Hi Naohisa,

    To address your first questions, the I2C slave address of the ADUX1020 is fixed, which limits you to using only one ADUX1020 on a single I2C bus. One way to get around this is to use a multiplexer to individually address each ADUX1020.

  • RE: which led is mounted on adux1020 evaluation board?


    The LED on the ADUX1020-EVAL-SDP is OSRAM part number SFH4046. The LEDs on the ADUX1020-EVALZ-LED are OSRAM SFH4259.


  • RE: ADUX1020 Mounting Recommendations


    Cleaning the ADUX1020 on a PCB with isopropanol is fine, although before cleaning you may want to remove the black plastic cover if you are using the EVAL-ADUX1020-SDP evaluation board, and reattach after cleaning.


  • ADUX1020 Field of View


    I would like to use ADUX1020.

    So, I have a question. Please help me.



    It is stated that the ADUX1020 has a 120 degree viewing angle(data sheet).

    Please tell me about the measurement conditions at this time.
    What I want to know is the LED…

  • ADuX1020 EVB

    HI,I check UG1022(ADUX1020-EVAL-SDP manual)and it does not include main bord circuit.

    could you give me a circuit of Main bord?

  • RE: Can the ADUX1020 gesture sensor detect fine gesture movements, such as a finger moving with the user’s hand in the vicinity?

    The photometric sensor inside the ADUX1020 package is sensitive to the average angle of light that is incident on the sensor. The hand is a complex object with varied reflectivity and surface area, and consequently the average angle of light that will…

  • RE: ADUX1020 gesture question


    The ADUX1020 will require a 3.3V supply for the LED, to be connected to its anode.


  • RE: How can peak LED currents greater than 250 mA be used with the ADUX1020, to achieve operation at greater range?

    The LEDX pin can be used as the source of timing for an external LED driver circuit, as in the longer range add-on evaluation board, ADUX1020-EVALZ-LED. In this circuit, the LEDX pin is protected from the large peak currents through the LED by two MOSFETs…

  • ADUX1020 Driver C Code

    Hi everyone im just wondering if i can make the ADUX1020 driver c code convert to Arduino code. 

  • About the ”Y Ratio vs. X Ratio” when using ADUX 1020

    Hi all,
    I would like to ask about ADUX 1020.

    Using the Optical Gesture Evaluation Tool,
    I'm evaluating ADUX1020-EVAL-SDP(EVAL-SDP-CB1Z and ADUX1020 MCM board).

    I checked the graph of ”Y Ratio vs. X Ratio” on the Graph XYI tab.

    Even if I move…