• (ADuM7234)What is different between ADuM7234 & ADuM3223?

    Hi !

    I was reading Hybrid Electric Vehicles site


    At this site , it says this application is for hybrid electric vehicles.

    But at ARPL…

  • ADUM7234: how to realize the current and voltage protection of MOSFET by using ADUM7234?


    My task is to protect MOSFET from overcurrent and overvoltage in buck converter. I read  the application note of ADUM7234. I need to use this IC to drive MOSFET but I didn't find the circuit to protect MOSFET.  Does  ADUM7234 have the feature…

  • ADuM7234

    Hi, So I need to build an inverter, but I am having some trouble with driving the highside switches. I tried using the HCPL 3120 drivers, but in this case I would need 3 different power supplies, which I would like to avoid. I started looking at other…

  • ADuM7234 input hysteresis

    The ADuM7234 functional block diagram in the datasheet indicates Schmitt-trigger buffered inputs, however this is not reflected in the electrical characteristics specification section.

    I would like to use passive shoot-through prevention at the inputs…

  • ADUM7234 Maximum output current?


    For the project I have I need a powerful gate driver which can supply a MOSFET with a gate charge of at least 350nC. The rise time of <500ns is required, so I need a driver that can hold source/sink current of 2A (3A or higher will be optimal…

  • Need help on ADUM7234

    I have constructed an H bridge with N - N Channel configuration using ADUM7234 similar to the circuit given in the Application Circuit "Inside iCouplerRegistered Technology: Driving an H Bridge with ADuM3220 Isolated Gate Drivers" and my top drives are…

  • ADUM7234 pulse width clarification

       I am planning to use digital isolated driver ADUM7234BRZ for Motor driving in H bridge configuration. I need to know whether we can operate at full PWM (i.e 100%  duty cycle) with two isolated supply for the TOP 2 switches.;


  • ADuM7234 H-Bridge for induction heating


    I'm building an H-Bridge power stage switch to drive and RLC circuit which features an induction coil and capacitor tank coupled by an 10:1 toroidal transformer to the H-bridge output, working in the frequency interval of [60,90] KHz. To maintain…


    Hi, I'm designing a motor controller with ADUM7234 to drive my IGBT. Testing the board the drivers stop wprking (outputs High no matter the input). I don`t know what goes wrong:

    - The dissable ìn was leave floating

    - The controller and drivers…

  • ADuM7234 for an H-Bridge questions.


    I´m designing an application that has to control a  resistive load with an H-Brige activated by two ADuM7234:

    - Maximum voltage 200V.

    - Frequency around 1Mhz

    - Resistive load 10 Ohm´s

    I´m following the document http://www.analog.com/static…