• ADuM6421A Regarding UL's Double Protection

     I see datasheet of ADuM6421A

       But, it is not  UL's Double Protection Specifications .

       Do you have any plans to acquire it?

  • ADuM6421ABRNZ3 with 5V VDDP

    In the ordering guide from the datasheet for the ADuM6421A it states that the ADuM6421ABRNZ3 has a typical VDDP of 3.3V.  Is there any problem with connecting a 5V supply to this part instead?  Or should only the ADuM6421ABRNZ5 be used in that case?

  • AD5270 Daisy Chain Limit and Isolation

    Is there a limit to how many AD5270 devices can be linked in a daisy chain?

    Also, is it possible to daisy chain them through digital isolators, like Analog's ADUM6421A?

  • RE: ADUM 6421A DC - DC Converter power-up issues, Does not output power on the isolated side.

    Dave Z: The ADuM6421A is not releasing until mid December.  To order an eval board now you would need to contact your Analog Devices Sales representative or distributor.

    Regards, Brian

  • RE: Isolated interface chip with power supply

    Hi lijie,

    The ADM3055E and ADM3057E are isolated signal and power CAN FD transceivers. They are in SOIC packages.

    SPI signal and power isolation could be the ADuM5411 in SSOP, ADuM5401 or ADuM6421A in SOIC, if BGA solutions are not possible for this application…

  • RE: ADuM6403CRWZ- 10Mhz spi problem

    Hi Sahar, 

    AN-1478 goes into specific application details for isolated SPI. It shows some possible solutions as well. 

    The problem you are having is due to the propagation delay of the isolator and the nature of SPI. In SPI the signals only have a half clock…

  • About this Webcast

    Find out how the next generation of reinforced isolated power converters set a new benchmark for low radiated emissions allowing systems to meet CISPR 32 Class B Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) standards. The webcast will describe how the 4 channel…

  • Who Do You Trust?

    This is the story of an engineering breakthrough - a solution for our increasingly digital world - coming at just the right moment in time. The shift to digital monitoring and control has become so vital to manufacturing and processing that a new term…

  • 3-4月ADI新品主打,快来康康有没有适合你的设计~




    今天斑竹给大家带来 ADI 3 - 4月的新品合集,想要了解学习的筒子可千万不能错过哦~

    MxFETM四通道 16 位 12GSPS RFDAC 和双通道 12 位 6GSPS RFADC AD9082

    发射信号前端 (MxFE®) 是一款高度集成的器件,具有 16 位、12 GSPS 最大采样率射频 (RF) 数模转换器 (DAC) 内核和 12 位、6 GSPS 采样率…

  • 在新年到来之际,送你一组钻石级硬度的精选硬核产品吧~





    软件可配置的四通道输入/输出 AD74413R