• ADuM6402 Question

    Hello Thank you for your support always.

    Our customer who is considering ADuM6402 has question about AN-0971.

    There is a comment as below.

    The rectifier circuit on the secondary side effectively doubles this frequency during the rectification process…

  • ADuM6402 reinforced


    Our customer needs reinforced insulation with ADuM6402.

    They prefer to use Single Overlap Stitching Capacitor.

    Is this OK for reinforced insulation?


  • Value of Clearance and creepage


    Our customer will use ADuM6402.

    Could you give me your advice what do below difference of value of clearance and creepage  mean ?

    VDE document downloaded on your web site says below.

    Clearance: Over 8.5mm

    Creepage: Over 8.5mm

    (Please refer…

  • ADuM6402 don't restart correct

    Now April 2012

    My problem is shown in http://ez.analog.com/thread/9318

    But I can't understand the problem is gone in a new revision of chips.

  • RE: ADuM6402 180MHz immunity


    Can you share with me images of the 4 layers of the PCB and the component placement and schematic?

    Regards, Brian

  • digital I/O in ADuM6402


    My customer uses only 2 (1-1) ports though ADuM6402 has 2-2.

    How to treat the pins which are not used.

    Can they connect GND?

  • ADuM6402 VDDL input pin connection

    ADuM5402 has been replaced with ADuM6402 on PCB (due to component
    availability). However, some parts work but others don't. Datasheet says VDDL
    pin on ADuM6402 must be connected. What happens if this pin is left open (as in
    case of…
  • RE: high dc voltage isolation

    Dont know? which will have the best results? I dont have a schematic or block yet.The layout is up to me.  Its pretty straightforward though, I just need to withstand a 1500vDC working voltage continuously.  The board will be FR-04. I would like an isolator…

  • RE: Using ADUM6400 Vddl


    Thank you for your help.

    Yes, indeed I hooked one up and tried it out.

    The logic output on the "non-isolated" side of an ADUM6402 seems to

    follow Vddl, and the inputs have thresholds that are also sensitive to

    this same level, and…

  • RE: iCoupler VDE document


    I add my name.


    Our customer will use ADuM6402.

    So he requests VDE document.

    We check the document of VDE 0884 on your web site .

    Its document P.1 says "valid until 2014 12 31"

    (I reffer attachment).

    Uploaded document on…