• RE: Problem with ADuM6401

    Hello MsCantrell,

    Thank you for your answer and sorry for my late response.

    Yes, I have three devices on MISO line (EEPROM, AD7793, ADuM6401+AD7793). I have there two AD7793. One is isolated with ADuM6401 and the another one is non-isolated. I have…

  • RE: ADuM5401 layout question

    Kevin: The ADuM6401 has the RI package available which has expanded creepage of 8.3mm as seen in its table 16, attached.  Can you use the ADuM6401 in RI package?

    Regards, Brian

  • RE: ADUM640x - Input ripple


    I don't see how changing from the ADuM5401 to the ADuM6401 should change the noise on the inputs, since they are basically the same die, but with a thicker polyimide insulation on the ADuM6401.  Are you using the same exact PC board?  Can…

  • ADuM6401 output state at VDD1 off


    Please let me know your adivce for  output state of ADUM6401 at VDD1 off.

    We think  that output becomes high-impedance throguh below 2 pattern  from the datasheet description.

    Is it correct ?

    1:   ADuM6401 holds last logic state

    2:   output becomes…

  • RE: medical ADC isolation


    finally used ADuM6401 (SPI) + EVL board + ADC and connected it to Arduino

    working great

    thanks all

  • Higer Isolation Voltage


    is it possible to get a higer isolation voltage by using iCouplers in serial?

    e.g. ADuM6401 and ADuM2401? to get an iso voltage of 8kV?



  • ADUM6401是否可以用作STM32F4单片机的SPI接口隔离输出


  • RE: ADuM6401 Viso无输出

    ADuM6401 Viso无输出, 是一片这样还是很多片都这样?  输出有滤波电容吗?

  • ADuM6401 and common mode transient immunity

    On my measurement board there are some analog inputs that should be galvanic
    insulated from the rest of the board. So I want to use the ADUM6402. A
    requirement for our design is that it can handle a surge pulse (common mode,
    line - earth…
  • ADUM6401 Different Power and Logic Voltage

    Hi all,

    I'm attempting to use the ADUM6401 to send 5V power over an isolation barrier but 3.3V logic as well. In the datasheet, it states that VDD1 and VDDL need to be connected together. Is it possible to have different logic and power supply voltage…