• ADuM6400 specs changed

    our  customer  is  using  the  ADUM6400. Now  there  where  some  PCNs , and 
    some  specs. Are  getting  worthier  . What  can he do ?

    1. Original Specification:

    Reinforced insulation per CSA 60950-1-03, 600 V rms maximum working voltage

  • Using ADUM6400 Vddl


    I am trying to use the ADUM6400 isolation component with a LiIon battery. My Vcc is 3V for the rest of the circuit, however, for most power efficiency I would like to use the LiIon  voltage (4.2V) for Vdd. This poses a problem in that my logic…

  • Output short on ADuM6400


    I am looking at producing a cable tester. So,effectively a cable loop up to 3 metres which may or may not have cable faults.

    I was planning on using  Isolators such as the AduM6400 and ADuM6404 to protect a microcontroller from output shorts . The…

  • ADuM6400: PCN # 11-0188 typo error

    PCN # 11-0188 for the ADuM6400 states that the maximum current has been changed
    from 500mA to
    400mA. I can find no reference to a maximum current of 500mA in the Rev. 0
    data sheet?


    The PCN # 11-0188 has a typo, there should be a…
  • ADuM6400 and IEC61010-1:2010


    We want to use an ADuM6400 to get basic insulation in a IEC61010-1:2010 CATIV-600V device.

    The ADuM6400 meets crrepage, clearance and isolation voltage for that application. Is there anything else that may cause the ADuM to fail the certification…

  • ADuM6400: Vdd1= 5V, Vddl = 3.3V?


    I want to supply an isolated load at 5V, with 5V logic levels, so Vdd1 must be 5V in order to get Viso = 5V, to meet the specs.

    But the input logic level is coming from a microcontroller at 3.3V.

    May I supply the Vddl pin with 3.3V (using…

  • ADuM6400输出电源正常,但信号没有输出


    我用ADuM6400是如上图连接的。16脚的输出电压正常,但是输入信号到3、4、5脚后,12 、13、14引脚没有输出?



  • ADuM6000 and RCin/RCsel High Level thresholds

    Logic levels on pins RCin / RCsel of ADuM6000 are not described
    in the datasheet.

    What is the minimum High voltage Threshold for these logic pins?


    The RCin/RCsel input is a standard digital input and has the same threshold
  • RE: ADuM640x with 1 cell LiPo supply

    Joe:  The ADuM6401 could be used for 3V to 4.2V input to 3.3V output for the application.  I have data attached for 3.3V in to 3.3V out startup for the ADuM6400 (will be in the Rev B version of the datasheet soon). It should work as a buck/boost, but you…

  • ESD protection for Isopower devices?

    I need power and communication isolation for a medical device to meet 60601-1-2. Part of this is resistance to electrostatic discharge (ESD) events: 6kV contact and 8kV air discharge. Both these have 0.8ns rise times. Assuming this pulse hits one side…