• ADuM6132 overheating

    We are using 2 x ADUM6132 to drive a complete bridge , and we observe a heating
    of both ADUM6132 (even without switching). In the data sheet, only the maximum
    Quiescent current (280mA) is specified, and not the typical one...
    It is not…
  • ADuM6132 Power Consumption

    We are designing switched mode power supply units for the industry. We are
    using the ADuM6132ARWZ because of its ideal fitting in our design in terms of
    functionality. However we have to complain the extraordinary inherent power
  • Question about ADuM6132

    I like to know what is the maximum input current in the pin of VddB, of adum6132, taking into account that I will use only the channel isolated .

    The maximun input current at the pin Vdd of adum6132 is 350mA?.

    Do you have a spice model of adum6132?

  • ADuM6132 Thermal Issues


    I have an existing design and have been trying to evaluate the ADuM6132 as a replacement for the high side MOSFET driver. To do this, we had an LPKF board made which mounted support components and the ADuM6132 along with pins to mount the package…

  • ADuM6132 Approvals


      I'm thinking of using a couple of these in one of our systems, however we require reinforced isolation.

    I'd just like to verify the status of these components.

    The datasheet infers approvals have been completed??

    But the safety and regulatory…

  • ADuM6132 to drive 1200V IGBT

    We plan to use ADUM6132 to drive a full bridge configuration which has a HVbus
    of 560VDC and we have 1200V 50A IGBTs to drive. Are these drivers suitable for
    1200V blocking voltage?


    Sorry, the ADuM6132 is rated per datasheet table 12…
  • ADUM6132 Full Bridge Inverter Design

    Hello, I am designing an inverter using ADUM6132 gate driver. I have two questions.

    Data sheet does not say much about dead-time. Is it possible to create dead-time inside adum6132 or should I leave dead-time for signals going to the adum6132 as input…

  • #adum6132 #gatedriver #inputcapacitance #200pf

    Hello, I am using 6132 gate driver for the first time. I have a question about this gate driver application.

    In the datasheet, It says gate driver is capable of driving loads typically of 200pf. I need to know max. load input capacitance value that this…

  • RE: Problem with ADUM6132

    Anton: Would you please send me a schematic that shows the ADuM6132 connections and the supply voltages and bypass capacitors?  Please note the ADuM6132 datasheet table 11 describes the operation of the undervoltage lockout funtionality and the need for…

  • Question about ADuM6132

    Hi All,

    Where are the VDDB and the VIB pins connected to when the circuit B is not used? (only use the high side curcuit)

    Both of them should be connected to GND or be open?