• About Viso of ADum5402

    Typical specifications are at TA = 25°C, VDD1 = VSEL = VISO = 5 V. Minimum/maximum specifications apply over the entire recommended operation range which is 4.5 V ≤ VDD1, VSEL, VISO ≤ 5.5 V; and −40°C ≤ TA ≤ +105°C, unless otherwise noted. Switching specifications…

  • Min load regulation for ADuM5402

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a question for min load current on your ADuM5402 secondary side.

    In the datasheet JAPANESE edition rev.0 page 17 application information, you show that "ADI recommend to drive min 10mA load current for the best load regulation…

  • ADuM5402, Viso specification on datasheet


    Please let me ask to confirm the description on datasheet of ADuM5402, in case 3.3V primary (VDD1) / 3.3V secondary (Viso)

    such as below.

    Here, recommended operation range for VDD1 is, 3.0 V ≤ VDD1 ≤ 3.6 V.

    Question is, at Setpoint in 1st row…

  • ADuM5402 3.3V V_dd to 5V V_iso


    I have low power application were I need both level translation and isolation. I am using an ADuM5402, the input side supply is 3.3V and the isolated output voltage is set to 5V the maximum current draw on the output side is around 5-10mA.


  • ADUM1401, ADUM5402, SPI, "three state"


    I would like to ask the following question about ADUM1401C and ADUM5402C.

    I would use ADUM1401C and ADUM5402C to interface to an SPI bus a section of a circuit which has to be isolated. On the SPI bus are connected also other two devices.


  • Radiated Emissions on ADuM5402 at 1.09GHz

    On our radiated emissions testing we found an issue from the ADuM5402 at 365MHz, as noted in the AN-0971, but additionally at 1.09GHz. This appears to be the third harmonic of the 365MHz. As the application note does not deal with suppressing the 1.09GHz…

  • ADUM5402: 5V supply disturbed by device's DC/DC converter.

    5V supply is disturbed due to the ADUM5402 isolator's DC/DC converter. Are
    there any recommendations on layout that might help?


    We have an application note AN-0971 titled recommendations for control of
    radiated emissions with isoPower…
  • Supply voltage optimisation for ADUM5402 isopower device lowest emissions

    I am having trouble meeting the CISPR11 class B emission limits. Can you advise on the best primary side supply voltage for lowest emissions; AN-0971 is not clear on this point. The secondary voltage is 3.3V and the load is about 30mA. At the moment the…

  • ADuM5402, state of logic output when power is not well supplied


    We are assuming what would be occured when power supply from primaly side is stopped by any reason during operation, for example, malfunction at internal or external circuitry, at ADuM5402.

    In this case, how is the state of primary/secondary side…

  • 单颗ADUM5402 RCout电路设计应该如何连接

    当单颗ADUM5402 RCout电路上接10K电阻到VDD1(5V)时,Viso输出8V电压。RCout悬空则Viso输出5V。