• ADUM5402

    I'm facing a problem with 
    ADUM5402ARWZ#1315 2588140.1 and
    ADUM5402ARWZ#1535  3226040.1
    ICs. When my board started to work, after a while board heatining up, this isolation IC start to shift my SPI data. But when have use:
    ADUM5402ARWZ#1323 2638558.1…

  • ADuM5402 question

    I would like to know if it is OK to change the Viso pin 16 while the chip is
    powered (changing from 3.3 V to 5 V secondary voltage, controlled from the
    primary side using one of the internal channels). It would help powering /
  • ADuM5402 input behavior

    We use the ADUM5402 on many of boards to generate the isolated 3V3 for our POE

    As part of that circuit a 3V3 voltage is generated through a FET into Pin 12 of
    ADUM5402 to indicate when POE power is applied. The voltage comes…
  • RE: ADUM5402 RC OUT

    Hi Sreekanthpalla,

    Answer to your second question:
    VE1 is the Output Enable 1 for VOC and VOD (logic outputs) on ADUM3402. VOC and VOD outputs are enabled when VE1 is high (it is active high) or disconnected. VOC and VOD outputs are disabled when VE1 is…

  • ADUM5402 Unconnected Pins

    I am using ADUM5402 in our design what should be done for unconnected input and output pins

  • ADuM5402: EMI layout recommendation

    Could you please kindly recommend the type of ceramic disc safety capacitor to
    mitigate EMI? There are various type of ceramic disc safety capacitor, for
    e.g., X1, X2, Y1, Y2.
    I would appreciate if you could recommend a general one which…
  • ADUM5402 Regulator Issue

    Hi there,

    I'm having an issue with an ADUM5402 Regulator.  Upon power-up, the Primary side voltage is present, however the Isolated side does not output the isolated voltage.  Upon probing the circuit to troubleshoot the issue the isolated voltage…

  • Query Reagrading ADUM5402

    Dear Team,

    I am using ADUM5402 isolator in my design. I am giving 5V supply as the VDD & by pulling down the VSEL pin I am selecting VISO as 3.3V. Now I have few doubts:

    1. I am using four isolator chips in my board, I have used same net name for…

  • Radiated Emission problem with ADuM5402

    Hi guys ,

    I am using  ADuM5402 digital isolators with integrated DC-DC converter. Switching frequency of internal converter is 180 MHZ. It creating problem in Radiated Emission test So i have changed my PCB layout as per recommendation in AN-0971 (Recommendations…

  • ADuM5402 About Current consumption


    We are evaluating the ADuM5402.
    Please let me ask you a question because it behaved outside the specifications during the experiment.

    1. The current consumption of ADuM5402 is recognized as ~ 100mA as shown below.
    However, in the experiment, a current…