• RE: ADuM5401 and Tri-State Input

    nirb81: What you suggested looks like it would work.  Instead of the ADuM5401, If you use the ADuM5411, which has the same function as the ADuM5401, but with only 30mA output (not 100mA output of the ADuM5401),  the ADuM5411 has a pin called VE1 which will…

  • ADuM540x: Automotive version available?

    Do you have an Automotive AECQ Version of the ADUm5401, ADuM5402, ADuM5403,


    for the automotive version of the ADUM5401 please see the automotive datasheet:

  • ADuM5401 layout question

    we would like to design ADuM5401, but I confused the layout.

    as checked datasheet the air distance is 8.0mm here, I saw the ADuM5401 package is 7.6mm

    what can I do to increase the distance ??

  • (ADuM5401)I have few question about ADuM5401.

    Hi !

    I have few questions about ADuM5401.


    For DC-DC output voltage , the datasheet p3 says the condition is VDD1=5V.

    And Setpoint : Viso Min = 4.7V , typ = 5V,Max = 5.4V.

    Does this…

  • ADuM5401 efficiency


    Could you show me variation of ADuM5401W efficiency?

    It is available which value is not guaranteed. 

    Tyical value is 30% in the datasheet (P7 Table10).

    I have received query from my customer.

    They have already used the device current model…

  • ADuM5401 connection

    Dear friends

    I want to use the ADuM5401 in my new project.

    It is possible to connect VIC & VOD together in order to realize a standard I2C connection?

    There are problems during writing data to the  inactive output?

    I know that  ADUM1250 solve the…

  • RE: AD7793 and use of Digital Isolator


    Noise in the power supply can affect the performance of the AD7793.

    The VISO pin of the ADuM5401, although regulated, produces ripples that could degrade the measurements of the ADC, however, there is a way to suppress these noise and reduce…

  • RE: ADUM5401 Schematic Review


    I support the ADuM5401 and I reviewed the interface between the ADuM5401 and the TI TRS3221E (RS232) and the TI SN65HVD72D (RS485).  I observed that it may be possible to have both the RS232 and RS485 outputs on at the same time, so I recommend…

  • RE: Digital Isolator for SPI Interface

    Hi Sharvy,

    Alright, it sounds like there are no slave selects or additional low speed data channels in your application. You could consider an ADuM3150 for the SPI channels and an ADuM5000 for isolated dc/dc converter. The ADuM5000 will provide you a…

  • ADuM5401 Isolation Type


    Is isolation type of ADuM5401 flyback?

    I want to add current amount, I plan to connect multiple Vout.