• (ADuM5401)I have few question about ADuM5401.

    Hi !

    I have few questions about ADuM5401.


    For DC-DC output voltage , the datasheet p3 says the condition is VDD1=5V.

    And Setpoint : Viso Min = 4.7V , typ = 5V,Max = 5.4V.

    Does this…

  • ADuM5401: How do I connect PIN 7 (RCout) of ADuM5401 in a standalone application?

    How do I connect PIN 7 (RCout) of ADuM5401 in a standalone application?
    To Vdd1 or not connected ?


    The RCout pin should be left as a no connect unless it is being sent to an RCin
    pin of an ADuM520x or ADuM5000.
    (RCout is Regulation…
  • ADUM5401 Startup

    Hi , 

    We are looking at ADUM5401 for a replacement for ISOW7841.

    I have one quick question, The TI part requirest the device to be powered within 10 ms of UVLO.

    But the circuit that we are looking at takes 200 ms from UVLO to 90 %.

    Do you have details…

  • ADuM5401 Isolation Type


    Is isolation type of ADuM5401 flyback?

    I want to add current amount, I plan to connect multiple Vout.

  • ADuM5401 connection

    Dear friends

    I want to use the ADuM5401 in my new project.

    It is possible to connect VIC & VOD together in order to realize a standard I2C connection?

    There are problems during writing data to the  inactive output?

    I know that  ADUM1250 solve the…

  • ADuM5401 efficiency


    Could you show me variation of ADuM5401W efficiency?

    It is available which value is not guaranteed. 

    Tyical value is 30% in the datasheet (P7 Table10).

    I have received query from my customer.

    They have already used the device current model…

  • ADuM5401 layout question

    we would like to design ADuM5401, but I confused the layout.

    as checked datasheet the air distance is 8.0mm here, I saw the ADuM5401 package is 7.6mm

    what can I do to increase the distance ??

  • ADUM5401 Schematic Review


    Attached is isolator design by using ADI ADUM5401.

    Could you help to check whether this interface between ADUM5401 and TI TRS3221E( For RS232) and TI SN65HVD72D( For RS485) correct?

    Please recommend me the maximum worse case voltage/current…

  • ADum5401 reinforced insulation?


    in Table 15 of ADum5401 the compliance with VDE 0884 Part 2 for basic insulation @560 V peak is stated. Is there newer info available about the compliance with VDE V 0884-10 of 2006 for reinforced insulation like for other iCouplers?

    Best regards…

  • An  issue about ADUM5401

    Dear  Sir/Madam,

    I wonder knowing the meaning of high common-mode transient immunity, and how to test it.