• ADuM5401: How do I connect PIN 7 (RCout) of ADuM5401 in a standalone application?

    How do I connect PIN 7 (RCout) of ADuM5401 in a standalone application?
    To Vdd1 or not connected ?


    The RCout pin should be left as a no connect unless it is being sent to an RCin
    pin of an ADuM520x or ADuM5000.
    (RCout is Regulation Control Output…

  • Solution to limit overshoot on ADuM5401

    in a redesign of our battery management system for HV-batteries in electric
    vehicles we would like to use your part # ADUM5401W.
    As we read your datasheet we noticed you had some trouble with output voltage
    setpoint and overshoot (up to 6.5 V)…

  • ADuM5401: Is 1 Mbps the maximum data rate, can this device be used above 1 Mbps?

    For the ADum5401ARWZ a Maximum Data Rate of 1 Mbps is given. Is this data rate
    a useful operating rate or is
    this the absolute maximum rate? what will happen to the signal above 1 Mbps?


    1 Mbps is the maximum data rate for the A grade ADuM5401…

  • ADuM5401: Is the integrated DC/DC converter capable of boosting a 3.3V input to 5V output?,

    ADUM5401 device has the capability to choose between a 3.3V output and 5V
    output on the isolated side via pin 10 (Vsel). My question is the following: Is
    the 5V output also available when Vcc on the primary side is only 3.3V? So is
    the integrated…

  • ADUM5401 Startup

    Hi , 

    We are looking at ADUM5401 for a replacement for ISOW7841.

    I have one quick question, The TI part requirest the device to be powered within 10 ms of UVLO.

    But the circuit that we are looking at takes 200 ms from UVLO to 90 %.

    Do you have details…

  • ADuM5401 3.3 Vin & Vout IBIS model?

    The ADuM5401 is spec'd for 3.3V Vin & Vout.  Is there an IBIS model that supports that mode?  The driver voltage range for the current model shows 4.5-5.5 V.

  • ADUM5401/2/3/4电平兼容的问题


  • ADuM5401 Isolation Type


    Is isolation type of ADuM5401 flyback?

    I want to add current amount, I plan to connect multiple Vout.

  • RE: ADuM5401 and Tri-State Input

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