• ADuM6132 to drive 1200V IGBT

    We plan to use ADUM6132 to drive a full bridge configuration which has a HVbus
    of 560VDC and we have 1200V 50A IGBTs to drive. Are these drivers suitable for
    1200V blocking voltage?


    Sorry, the ADuM6132 is rated per datasheet table 12 for at most…

  • ADuM6132 Power Consumption

    We are designing switched mode power supply units for the industry. We are
    using the ADuM6132ARWZ because of its ideal fitting in our design in terms of
    functionality. However we have to complain the extraordinary inherent power
    consumption of…

  • RE: ADUM4221 LTspice model request.

    Thank you for information.

    Unfortunately many of  ADI isolated drivers poorly documented.

    We have an interest to digital isolators with internal DC/DC converters.
    But there are no any models for ADuM5230 and ADuM6132.

    Could you inform me, please, when…

  • RE: ADuM4120 continuous output curren


    Unfortunately, the ADuM4120 can't source or sink very much DC current.

    The ADuM4120 was designed for short durations of output current. If a constant current is pulled through the internal FETs, there is a lot of self heating that will occur…

  • Unused Vddb pin

    Hello,  I am using a ADUM5230 currently without any issues but am only using the upper half of the chip.  I am grounding the unused Vddb pin, I have floated it as well and note no difference in input current.  Is there a preferred way to handle this unused…

  • RE: #adum6132 #gatedriver #inputcapacitance #200pf


    The ADuM6132 is specified with 200pF load and output current peaks of 200mA.  This means the output rise time would be dt = C*dV/I = 200pF*15V/0.2A = 15ns.  For a 1000pF load, the output rise time could be about 5 times this or 75ns.  If this is acceptable…

  • RE: ADuM4122

    Glad to help.

    One thing that sometimes gets overlooked is that the power supply for VDD2 has to be floating. Sometimes people use DC/DC isolated supplies from Murata or Recom, but an extra supply is usually needed. If your switching frequency is low enough…

  • RE: Driving negative voltages with ADU-M5230


    From your schematic, you need to drive two IGBTs in a half bridge configuration, and the bridge voltage is -700V (says -800V) with 0V at the top of the bridge.

    1. Please tell me what is the frequency that you will drive the gates?

    2. What…

  • RE: what is the actual power consumption of ADUM5230ARWZ


    I need to set up a board with the ADuM5230 and measure the IDD1 current at 30% duty cycle to determine the power dissipation (assuming no added load for your application)?

    Regards, Brian

  • RE: Static Signal Via ADuM 5230

    Hi Saad:

    I am the Applications Engineer for the isoPower products and can tell you that we have another isolated gate driver with isoPower. The product is the ADuM6132 which can output a little more output power, but will consume even more input power…