• ADUM5230

    Are there any issues I need to consider if I choose to connect the VAdj to a DAC to control the Isolated supply?

  • ADUM5230

    My aim is to switch a pair of FET's between 90V and 0V. Our requirement is to
    switch it and hold the mentioned levels at the output (infinitely).
    kindly check the circuit
    which i designed for the same function.
    Please confirm whether this arrangement…

  • ADUM5230 Undervoltage Lockouts

    The ADUM5230 has several undervoltage lockouts. One of these requires VDDB to be at around 12-18v for the lockout to be disabled. I only require the high side of the driver, and so do not need to use VDDB/VOB/GNDB. Does the rest of the chip function …

  • ADuM5230 PWM inputs hysteresis.

    The block diagram (figure 1) on the ADuM5230 datasheet shows the PWM inputs as
    Schmitt-trigger types . The specifications (table 1) do not mention any
    hysteresis for a Schmitt-trigger. Are the inputs Schmitt-trigger types?


    The inputs…
  • ADuM5230 with noisy isoGND


    I am trying to use ADuM5230 to function as an AC switch in my resonant converter design.

    The floating ground between two MOSFETs (with back-to-back configuration, having their source as common reference point) is connected to GNDiso, however, with…

  • Selecting ADuM5230 Buffer Transistor


    Are you able to provide any advice on how I should select appropriate buffering transistors to sit between the ADuM5230 outputs and my MOSFET gates?

    There aren't any example part numbers given in the datasheet or in any application note that…

  • ADuM5230 no output voltage (Viso)

    In a new product we use the driver ADuM5230ARWZ and we have on some devices no
    output voltage (Viso).

    Ours values of resistors for Vadj are Upper=0ohm and Lower=10kohm, can the
    reason be? In datasheet I am not sure that we can use…
  • ADUM5230 for Solidtron VCS Drive

    I was looking over a previous discussion regarding the ADUM5230 "Power for Isolated Half Bridge Gate driver?" and would like to implement the half bridge MOSFETs with boost strap to drive a Solidtron Voltage controlled Switch. This device requires isolated…

  • ADuM5230 for driving AC switch


    I am currently doing a project of resonant converter which involves AC switching in some of the tuning components.

    The AC switch that I am using is consisted of two N-channel MOSFETs with a back-to-back configuration to control the current flow…

  • ADuM5230 in a static magnetic filed

    I would like to use the ADuM5230 in a strong static magnetic field and would like to know if there is a limitation from the device in such environment that could be due to the any isolation core material

    Thank you,