• ADUM5201 EMI 问题


  • ADuM5201 DC/DC input filter


    Below is power flow of my ADuM5201 design.

    To reduce EMI from DC/DC inside ADuM5201, I made an attempt to add T filter just ahead of ADuM5201.

    The result was as follows:

      - Much heat was generated from LDO. It was hot.

      - Data transfer via…

  • ADuM5201 start up problem


    I am using a Adum 5201 for a Signal isolation. I have problems with the start up of the V_Iso output voltage. Sometimes the circuit is wirking fine, but, if i switch of the +5V supply and turn it on again within 4 seconds, the generation of the…

  • ADuM5201 self-regulation mode configuration

    Hi ,

    I would like to ask a question on the ADuM5201 self-regulation mode configuration.

    I' m referring  to Table 22 on page 13 in the ADuM520X  datasheet Rev.B, but I cannot be

    100% sure about where and how to connect RCin pin and RCsel pin to  ,…

  • About ADuM5201 start up timing.

    Hi all,

    I want to use an ADuM5201 in these conditions:

       primary input supply = 3.3V

       secondary output voltage = 3.3V

       self regulated mode


    I searched in datasheet but did not find the max time the Viso regulated voltage is available since Vdd1 reaches…

  • Regarding ADuM5201 DC/DC switching frequency


    ADI iSopower products such as ADuM5201 have 180MHz switching frequency for DC-DC converter.

    I wonder why iSopower has 180MHz switching frequency.

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  • Is there FIT data available for the ADUM5201.

    I would like to know whether there is FIT data available for the ADUM5201. I see in the datasheet there is information on the lifetime related to the insulation requirement but nothing about FIT data. I appreciate there is a lot of uncertainty in these…

  • ADUM5201: Is it possible to switch the isolated Voltage off, by setting Ve2 to low?

    Does the Ve2 pin (Enable Pin for Outputs) also controls the VISO-Pin
    (Supply-Pin on
    isolated side). Is it possible to switch the isolated Voltage off, by setting
    Ve2 to low.


    No, it is not possible to switch the isolated supply voltage…
  • 问题: ADUM5201使用中出现的奇怪问题,求助


  • RE: ADuM5241/ADuM5242 Power Consumption

    Anthony: I will assume you mean to type "ADuM5201" could be quite good for your application.  The ADuM5201 should be used with larger bypass capacitors than 0.1uF, and due to the relatively large currents in startup, the input supply capacitor…