• ADuM5010 Overshoot


    The datasheet of ADuM5000 describes the typical Output Voltage Start-Up Transient
    at 10% and 90% Load, VISO = 5 V in Figure 12.
    We also would like to know that of ADuM5010
    and the maximum output capacitance,

    because we have the overshoot problem in…

  • ADUM5010 Reference

    Dear Analog support team,

    there are two different values of the reference noted in the datasheet 1.23V and 1.25V. Which one is correct?

    Also a tolerance would be great.

    Must the input current of the VSEL pin also considered +/-10µA?

    Best regards,

  • ADuM5010 overshoot problem


    We are evaluating ADuM5010 on a universal PCB and an overshoot appears at start-up as attached.
    We would like to know a solution to remove the overshoot.
    Can we use a Zener diode to clamp the overshoot?

    Best regards,


  • ADUM5010 datasheet

    Hi, I have  things to confirm regarding ADUM5010 datasheet. ADUM5010 looks to be certificated UL1577 by a document in the ADI's web as below. http://www.analog.com/media/en/quality/UL_Section_7_8-17.pdf Can I thinks ADUM5010 has been certificated UL1577…

  • ADUM5010 Vout


    I have a question ADUM5010 Output voltage.

    I looked another discussions ' ADUM5010 Viso Voltage'.

    In this case ,I selected R1 = 10 kΩ, R2 = 30.9 kΩ ,(Vin=5V,Vout=5V) , Viso output from 4.75 to 5.25 V ?? 

    And , if you like Is there a…

  • ADUM5010, ADUM6010 - Creepage

    The creepage is smaller on this device than the SOIC wide devices, will this
    limit me?


    The ADuM5x1x and ADum6x1x mold compounds are qualified as material Group II
    allowing smaller creepage for the same working voltage. The SSOP20 packge…
  • ADuM5010 start-up


    I am considering using IsoPower DCDC converter(s) ADuM5010 in our new project. The application is multi channel (up to 48) isolated sensor interface. We plan to isolate power for each channel using 48x ADuM5010 devices (5V to 5V).

    I have two…

  • ADM2481 x ADUM5010

    Hello support!

    I have been studying this possibility a lot from Friday to today, and maybe someone can help me!

    it is: ADM2481 being supplied by the ADUM5010. The reason is getting into a US$ 3.50 isolated rs-485 to beat our competitors.

    I really…

  • ADUM5010, ADUM6010 - AN-0971

    Do I need to follow the recommendations of AN-0971 to achieve EMI emissions


    The ADuM5x1x and ADuM6x1x parts offer less of an EMI challenge than previous
    isoPower devices. The main reason for this is that the new parts are targeted…
  • ADUM5010, ADUM6010 - Overload protection

    Is there overload protection in the ADuM5x1x and ADuM6x1x?


    Yes – These devices contain a Thermal shutdown circuit that turns off the tank
    oscillator if the temperature rises to 150C.  The Thermal Shutdown circuit has
    about 10C of hysteresis…