• ADUM5000  radiation emission

    Hi ADI team.

    My customer use ADUM5000W which has 180MHz ocilator internal.

    Now, this product put out 360MHz (double wave of 180MHz)  of radiation emission with a number 10MHz of width.and this radiation emission is serious probrem to ensure the prescribed…

  • ADuM5000 DC isolation voltages

    I have a question for ADuM5000 DC isolation voltage.

    The requirement from the customer is DC isolation voltage 3000V. 

    And my assumption is as follow. Is this correct?

    [My assumption]:

    ADuM5000 Isolation voltage is 2500V rms at 1 min.

    But each ADuM5000W…

  • Stability in Viso ADUM5000


    I have a 2ch A/D Converter with A freescale MCU. It communicates with the PC through FT232R. All of this is isolated with ADUM5000 and ADUM4160. (It´s a USB bus-powered A/D converter)

    All works fine, but I´m afraid of the Viso in the ADUM5000…

  • ADuM4160+ADuM5000 and ESD


    I would like to know if an USB protector with diodes for ESD protection (like usblc6-2 or others) can be safely excluded between the connector and the chips, when using ADuM4160 and ADuM5000. Thank you.


  • ADUM5000 gives high output

    Hi All,

    I have designed a circuit with ADUM5000 as isolator. The input to the IC is 3.3V and the configuration is: RCin pull down, RCsel is pulled up and VSEL is pull down.  All resistors are 4.7K. there are 10uf and 0.1uf caps on all recommended pins…

  • Adum5000/6000使用问题






  • ADUM5000 draws too much current

    Hi, I am building a USB isolator based on the design of the evaluation board of the ADUM4160. I also want to measure the current being drawn on the primary and the secondary side of the isolator using a microcontroller.As a current sense amplifier, I'm using…

  • ESR of ADuM5000 output pin

    Hey, I am using the ADuM5000 for a project and I want to limit the voltage of the output (secondary side) during the startup to 5V in order to protect components being powered by it. I want to use a zener diode as suggested in the datasheet (page 12) and…

  • ADUM5000s in parallel and in series connection possible

    Are ADUM5000s in parallel and in series connection possible? For example:
    1. For a +10 V output, can I connect two ADuM5000 outputs in series, each set
    to 5 V output to get the 10 volts I need? If yes, do I need to connect them as
  • Startup Behavior of ADuM6010 in comparison with ADuM5000

    Hello again.

    My next question relates to ADuM5000:  Startup Behavior (Figs.12 and 13).

    The recommendation is to use some clamping, e.g. Zener, to handle overshoot.


    The ADuM6010 in contrast does not specify anything about startup behavior.